Fitting Guide For Muscular Men

Muscular Men

We hear the word “shredded” being applied all too often when talking about muscular guys and that’s because the clothes they wear are about to tear up. It looks cool when they want to pose or something but even muscular men need to look decent and for their health’s sake, prevent catching a cold.

The thing about having buffed up muscles is that it can be tough to find something that doesn’t feel tight around the biceps, shoulders, chest, and thighs or too loose as well.


If at this point you feel like throwing in the towel, then we would like to intervene and show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some of the finest tips, courtesy of www.froutlet.com, that will do you right:

1.  Seek The Aid Of Tailors

When it comes to custom clothing, it would certainly help to have direct contact with a reliable tailor. They are the ones who can get your clothing adjusted to accommodate your specific body type.

Now before you take your clothes to the tailor, you have to identify all of your pain points.

It is ideal that you develop a strong relationship with your tailor as it will only help you in the end. Since the chest, shoulders, and legs are the ones that most bodybuilders have a hard time with when finding the right clothes to fit into. After determining the measurements in those areas, you can have your tailor adjust your clothing for an appropriate fit.

Or even better, is to opt for a bespoke service, as long as you don’t mind spending a few extra greens in order to look good in the end.

2.  Try To Size Down

When it’s too tight, muscular guys just opt for clothes that are too loose for them, but that doesn’t really solve the problem now does it?

There are also times when you even buy clothing that fit great in some places but are tighter elsewhere. Therefore, it would behoove you to your garments to your tailor to have them properly adjusted.

If you’re thinking that this point feels similar to the first one, it just goes to show you how good the relationship with your tailor should be then. You also have the option to return your ill-fitting clothes if you want to.

3.  Determine Your Brand

Every clothing brand caters differently to their audience in terms of demographics, location or style. And fortunately, there are a few of them that benefit the big beefy ones, especially one that can give you a definitive fit no matter what.

The best tip we can give you is to encourage you to go to a large well-known mall in your area or in the city and try out various clothing from a number of different clothing shops.

As soon as you find the one with the good fit, you can cut down on the most time-consuming aspect of future clothing purchases.

4.  Proportion Is Key

Perhaps one of the most essential factors in men’s clothing is having balance. It seems as if this was meant specifically for muscular men.

If you’re thinking of clothing that highlights your chest or your legs, you may be putting on too much emphasis there, plus it would look really out of proportion.

So to make the right proportion, use the following tactics:

  • For men with large chests: We suggest wearing trousers that have some flow and room for them. You should turn away from skinny jeans. Go for unstructured jackets and choose lightweight fabrics that can layer but don’t bunch and create folds. Keep away from having too much waist suppression, which can be tough if you buy custom and have a have an 8-10 inch drop.
  • For men with big legs: A shirt that is less fitting would provide some balance. Apart from that, a jacket with structure and neckwear, especially one that draws eyes upwards.

Image Credits: Muscular Men from Andrej Bondarchik /Shutterstock