Find best hospital for fistula laser Surgical Treatment in Delhi


A little less than 1 million people of India, each year, are affected by anal fistula, according to a research conducted by Apollo Hospitals et al. The painful and uncomfortable condition of anal fistula is caused due to blocked or clogged glands in the anus that make fluid. The anal fistula tunnel flows from the inside of the anus to the exterior skin around it.

Anal fistula usually occurs on a previous infection that didnít completely heal. Medical conditions that affect the overall well being of a body or the bowel movements can cause anal fistula. Conditions like sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis or any other illness that affects the bowel system can cause this troublesome condition.

If you are suffering from anal fistula, itís important to get treatment immediately. Treating the symptoms of anal fistula like pain, redness, swelling around the anus, difficult bowel movements etc. are not going to help treat the root of the condition. The only treatment of anal fistula is surgery. However, the laser surgical treatment for anal fistula can be more comfortable and tolerable than the traditional method of surgery.

Letís first understand what does the laser surgery for anal fistula involve.

First, a doctor will diagnose the anal fistula by carefully examining the area around the anus. For further and in depth examination of the problem, the doctor may drain fluid from the opening of the fistula.

In the case of the fistula not being clearly visible on the surface of the skin, a doctor may do another test like Anoscopy, in which he/ she shall look inside the recturm and the anus with the help of a special instrument.

For even further tests and understanding of the problem, a doctor may also perform an MRI or an Ultrasound.

Once the anal fistula is diagnosed, examined and understood properly, the doctor shall then take the course of surgery. In the treatment option, you will have two choices, you can either go for the laser surgery or the traditional surgery.

The laser surgery is performed using laser radiation and energy which is targeted at the fistulous tract and destroys the fistula epithelium and this destroys the remaining fistula channel.

This is a highly advanced and preferred method of anal fistula treatment because of its following benefits:

  1. It offers faster recovery and relief than traditional method of surgery
  2. Itís a painless and quicker treatment option
  3. You can get back to your daily routine within a day
  4. No extreme diet restrictions
  5. Doesnít require regular visits to doctors
  6. No change of dressings on everyday basis
  7. Can be done on patients of all age groups because of low risk involvement

Now that you have understood how the laser treatment for anal fistula works, letís understand where you can get the best laser treatment for anal fistula in Delhi.

To find the best hospital in Delhi for anal fistula treatment, you must ensure that the hospital specialises in laser treatment for a variety of problems. This would ensure that there are plenty of experts working with laser treatments everyday and increases their experience of this kind of treatment.

For example, Pristyn Care is an advanced medical clinic that offers laser treatments for proctology related problems, gynaecology related problems, urology conditions and even E.N.T care. They specialise in 42 plus laser surgeries and have centres spread across Delhi and NCR. In Delhi, they have centres in Punjabi Bagh, Dwarka, Lajpat Nagar, Paschim Vihar and they also have centres in Noida and Gurugram.

Fistula treatment is also offered by hospitals like Max Healthcare, Apollo Hospitals etc. However, if you have decided that you wish to opt for the pain free and quicker recovery method of laser surgery, then itís best to go with a laser clinic that is experienced in laser surgical treatments.


Anal fistula can be a very embarrassing and uncomfortable condition for any person of any age group. The most upsetting part about getting treated for any medical condition is the amount of time it requires to stay in the hospital and on medication before you can go back to your normal, daily routine. Fortunately, the laser treatment for anal fistula has made it possible for those suffering from this extremely uncomfortable condition, to get treated quickly, without pain and return to their favourite lifestyle within no time.