Everything You Need to Know About Magnesium Drips

Magnesium Drips

Magnesium is an essential mineral driving more than 300 enzyme reactions in the organism. I heavily support nerve and immune systems, help to form muscle tissues and regulate blood pressure. Interesting fact: an adult body contains about 25 g. of magnesium in skeletal system stores, soft tissues, and bodily fluids mostly. 

Doctors find that magnesium deficiency results in a vast array of health complications, such as loss of appetite, poor coordination, muscle spasms, and more. Lets find out how magnesium benefits the organism overall and what is the best way in which it can be obtained. 

Magnesium: Daily Intake and Benefits

The recommended daily intake of magnesium is about 300 mg for adult women and 400 mg for adult men. As for natural sources of magnesium, these are dark chocolate, avocados, nuts, tofu, fatty fish, etc. 

One average avocado contains about 60 mg of magnesium. Considering that the foods listed are high-calorie ones, many people have a very restricted amount of them in their diet, and the need for optimal magnesium intake arises. 

Here are the benefits that optimal and regular magnesium intake brings:

  • Healthy bone crystal formation due to regulating calcium and vitamin D levels.
  • Lower risks of type 2 diabetes due to controlling glucose and insulin metabolism.
  • Better cardiovascular health due to regulating blood pressure.
  • Relieve headaches due to affecting neurotransmitters that take part in restricting blood vessel constriction. 
  • Reduce bloating and mood symptoms caused by premenstrual syndrome.
  • Reducing depression and anxiety due to regulation of HPA axis activity. 

Now, lets proceed with checking on the best way in which you may obtain this nutrient magnesium IV drips

Magnesium IV Drips: Usefulness and Advantages

What IVs actually do is they deliver nutrients directly into the blood flow bypassing the digestive system. It allows for achieving a 99% absorption rate, compared to 30% with oral supplementation.IV Mobile Therapy cost is competitive, given that you need only one infusion biweekly instead of popping several magnesium pills a day with traditional methods. Where to get IV fluids? Search for your local provider of mobile IV Therapy and enjoy its professional administration at the place and time of your choosing. All the mentioned benefits of magnesium plus extra hydration is the only way to go these days.