Everything You Need To Know About CBD Hemp Flower

When asked about the difference between cannabis and hemp plant, a lot of marijuana users would admit they dont have an idea about it. The two terms have always been used interchangeably and both these are recently getting legalized in the United States. Moreover, both of them are varieties of Cannabis Sativa species and produce flowering buds. While hemp plants give more CBD, cannabis plants produce THC in high amounts. These facts give rise to questions like is smoking hemp flower the ideal way to get the benefits of cannabinoid? Hemp-derived CBD recently got legalization under the Farm Bill of 2018 and this is the best time to learn more about it.

Hemp Vs. Cannabis

Hemp and cannabis are cousins from the same species. Hemp has always been known for its health benefits. Its seeds are considered to be a healthy source of amino acids and protein and can be eaten raw or in the form of milk. Leaves can be ground, the stalk can be transformed into rope, clothing, paper, etc. Hemp seed oil can be used as biodiesel fuel and for cooking and soapmaking. CBD is one of the most sought-after components of the plant. Hemp plants have a higher concentration of cannabidiol while cannabis has a higher THC content.

What is Hemp Flower?

A large variety of CBD products are available for purchase. However, not all companies sell a full-spectrum item a formulation of components of the whole hemp plant and not just isolates. Evidence suggests that using hemp flower from the plant provides the most beneficial effects of the compound. This is because the terpenes, THC and other cannabinoids show the entourage effect with CBD interacting with the bodys endocannabinoid system. So those who are interested in trying CBD pre rolls for the therapeutic effects may wonder what is the best method for consumption.

Best Ways to Use CBD Flower

Just like THC, CBD is fat-soluble and this is why infusing CBD flower in oil or butter is the perfect way to ingest the supplement. This method provides a long-term effect as the compound is broken down when passing through the digestive tract. However, ingesting means the component travels through the liver, breaking it down before entering the bloodstream which can reduce the effectiveness to some extent. You will also find the problem of dosing. Anybody who has tried THC edibles at home would know that potency varies from one serving to another. This is also true for CBD and one should always begin with a small dose, wait to see how you feel and then increase the dose.

Smoking CBD flower in a bowl or joint is one of the best ways to get cannabidiol into your bloodstream quickly but this method has its own downsides. Though hemp and CBD both have beneficial effects and not so harmful as tobacco, inhaling a substance is not recommended for lungs and throat. Thus, the healthiest way to consume flower is the use of a dry herb vape. The user gets all the combination of the effects of the cannabinoids and terpenes without the need to deal with the harm of inhaling. It is also easy to control the dose as you can measure the amount going into the vape.

So, those who are curious about using CBD flower have lot of options available. You will now also be more certain about the difference between hemp and cannabidiol flower.

Image credit: CBD Hemp Flower via Seth Michael/Shutterstock