Everything you need to know about anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are widely known as anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).  These are synthetic derivatives of testosterone. In the 1930s, these steroids were synthesized and now these have been used for several purposes. If someone is willing to get hold of a strong muscular body, then only following strict diet chart is not enough. They should take additional fitness boosters. Here, anabolic steroid has no second option.

Know here the types of anabolic steroids

32 types of anabolic steroids are found. People choose different types for different purposes. Such as:

– Bulking steroids are used for adding mass in the muscles.

– Performance enhancement steroids are used for improving strength and endurance level.

– In order to reduce excess body fat cutting steroids are used.

– Some people use steroids for healing, recovering and for enhancing the metabolism.

How anabolic androgenic steroids can be taken?

Anabolic androgenic steroids have many forms. Such as, some steroidal compounds can be taken by mouth which is in pill forms. Some can be implanted under the skin as pellets. Several others are found in the form of a liquid which can be taken with the use of injection. These are called injectable steroids. There is another form of steroids which can be used through the skin as a gel or cream.

Some oral and injectable steroids are given below.

Oral forms of steroids are:

–  Mesterolone (Proviron)

–  Mibolerone (Cheque)

– Oxandrolone ( Anavar,oxandrin)

– Stanozolol (Winstrol)

– Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin), or “Halo”

– Methandienone (Dianabol), or “Dbol”

– Methyltestosterone (Virilon)

Injectable forms of steroids are:

– Nandrolone decanoate (Deca Durabolin), or “Deca”

– Testosterone cypionate (Depotest)

–  Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise), or “EQ”

–  Testosterone propionate (Testex)

–  Trenbolone acetate (Finajet), or “Tren”

– Nandrolone phenpropionate (Durabolin), or “NPP”

– Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan), or “Primo”

– Nandrolone decanoate (Deca Durabolin), or “Deca”

Difference between oral and injectable anabolic steroids

Oral steroids can be taken easily. You will not feel pain while taking the steroid. But, this form of steroid is not long lasting. The oral form of anabolic steroids has a half-life of a few hours.

Injectable steroids will give you a little bit of pain at the time of giving injections. The effect of this steroid is long lasting.  

Name of some popular anabolic steroids

Here some of the most popular anabolic androgenic steroids are given below.

– Dianabol

–  Anadrol

– Deca Durabolin

– Testosterone


– Clenbuterol

The majority of the bodybuilders and sportspersons prefer taking these steroids.

Benefits of anabolic androgenic steroids

There is no doubt that men have a strong desire to enhance their physical appearance. Thus they do more and more exercises. Here, some beneficial factors are discussed below.

    1. Anabolic steroids are highly effective in adding mass to the muscles. If you are getting worried with your lean muscle mass then taking steroids would be your ideal consideration.
    2. Additional fitness boosters help in reducing excess body fat.
    3. Steroids increase protein production in the body. The more protein you have in your body the more you can enjoy good muscle mass.
    4. You can enjoy a better level of strength and stamina after taking steroids.
    5. Some steroids improve recovery time.
    6. If you take real anabolic steroids, these can increase the bone density.
    7. Sportspersons use steroids for giving better performance.
    8. One can enjoy a good level of energy by using steroids. As a result, the user can do more exercise than usual.
    9. Some steroids increase the metabolism rate.
    10. One can enjoy good mood as steroids reduce fatigue.
    11. Steroids increase nitrogen retention in the body.

How to use steroids safely?

At the time of taking steroids, be careful. This is because; a wrong dose can result in huge consequences.

When you are injecting steroids, be sure that you are not sharing the needle.

And when you are taking pills, be sure about the quality and check the manufacturing date.

Some health risk due to steroids

If you have taken wrong dosages of steroid then you have to face a lot of problems. Such as:

–   Anxiety.

–   Headache.

–    Acne.

–    Liver damage.

–    Kidney problem.

–    Gastric problems.

–    Loss of libido

–    Manboobs

–    Suppressed testosterone production.

–  Testicular Shrinkage.

These are a few side effects. You can easily avoid these if you become careful while taking the dosages.

Teens and anabolic steroids

Many young adults take steroids because of many reasons. Some of the two important reasons are:

-They think that if they take steroids they can enhance their physical appearance. As steroids help in building muscle mass.

-Some use steroids for giving better performance in their school or college sports. Steroids increase strength and stamina along with energy level.

Medical use of anabolic steroids

Some steroids are used for medical treatment.

If someone is suffering from asthma then he or she can be treated with steroids.

In the case of cancer patients, steroids are used.

For delayed puberty and for some other diseases, anabolic androgenic steroids are used.

A legal store to buy steroids

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