Everything You Must Know About The Pharma Leader – Sun Pharma


With just 2 employees and 5 psychiatry products, Sun Pharma laid its foundation in 1983 and has grown tremendously since then. It has become the fourth-largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world and the largest in India.

Here are some quick facts about the Pharma Leader – Sun Pharma.

Their Products and Reach:

  • The products of Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. cover a vast range of therapeutic segments covering psychiatry anti-infectives drugs, neurological and cardiological drugs, and drugs in the oncology segment
  • They have over 43 manufacturing units globally

Their Strategy:

  • 70% of their revenue comes from the Indian and US Market
  • They invest 7-8% of their global revenue every year in R&D
  • With a P/E Ratio of 119.90, Sun Pharma has given stable returns and is a favourite long-term investment stock
  • Sun Pharma share price has grown immensely over the last few years

Their History and Growth:

  • Starting from sales in 2 states, Sun Pharma extended its sales nationwide in 1987
  • 1989 onwards, they included more products in their portfolio, covering more comprehensive ailments and exporting their products to neighbouring countries
  • The company was listed in the primary Indian stock exchange in 1994
  • 1998 was the year in which their first research centre was set up. By now, the pharma giant has also set up offices in Moscow
  • By 1997, they were spearheading acquisitions of manufacturing plants in the country and began their international acquisitions with an initial investment of $7.5 million in Caraco Detroit
  • Their acquisitions included MJ Pharma and TDPL
  • A research centre spread over 16 acres was inaugurated by the President of India in 2004, which contained a unique lab space for drug discovery and innovation.
  • The company acquired Taro Pharmaceuticals, the multinational pharma giant with established subsidiaries, manufacturing and products across the US, Israel, Canada, in September 2010, doubling their market size in the US
  • In 2015, Sun Pharma and AstraZeneca entered a distribution agreement. In 2016, they entered a partnership to distribute Dapagliflozin, AstraZenecas leading diabetes medicine, in India
  • Through one of the biggest ever deals, Sun Pharma became the largest Pharmaceutical company in India when it acquired Ranbaxy for $4billion
  • Through their research centres and extensive partnerships, Sun Pharma targeted many serious ailments, including cancer, HIV, diabetes, dengue, zika virus, etc., and manufactured effective drugs to combat them

Parting Thoughts:

The Sun Pharma empire is spread over more than 100 countries with 500 products. If you have ever used Revital or Volini, you have used a Sun Pharma product.

Sun Pharma has taken initiatives to eliminate malaria and ensure sanitation in rural areas. The group also operated mobile healthcare units.

The growth of the Sun Pharma empire that managed to become a global leader in a few decades inspires us all! This makes Sun Pharma the category leader and a one of the consistently performing stock in past 10 year, a perfect opportunity for online investing.