Ensure Complete Health Protection to Your Family in These 3 Ways

Raising a family is a huge responsibility. A tiring work-life can make you forget taking good care of your loved ones. There is a lot to manage in little time, and the stakes are too high to compromise. Still, you want to ensure all your family members stay in good health always. Having a financial backup to pay for the medical treatment whenever needed is essential.  It is where buying offline or online health insurance plays a vital role. 

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Life is full of ups and downs. You never know which health condition would knock your door. Buying health insurance online acts as a financial cushion to provide quality medical aid to your family whenever necessary. 

Here are three ways by which you can ensure complete health protection for your family:

  1. Buy Individual Health Insurance

An individual health insurance policy is a great way to manage health risks for yourself and your loved ones. The most significant benefit of such a plan is that you get to choose the one that fits your bill. For complete family protection against health issues, you can buy individual health insurance online after researching well about various benefits and policy terms. The chosen insurer may also offer a discount if you purchase multiple policies altogether to protect your loved ones. 

According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, health insurance comes with tax benefits. The premium you pay for your health policy or that of your dependent family members lowers down your taxable income. 

2. Family Insurance Plan

Another way to cover your family members under a health plan is to opt for family health insurance online or through an agent. Under such plans, you can include yourself, your spouse and dependent children to get health insurance benefits. The premium of a family insurance plan is lower in comparison to buying individual policies for each of your family members. If you are the sole breadwinner in your family, this option will be lighter on your pockets. Keep in mind that you must choose a bigger coverage limit for a family plan as per the number of members you include in it.

3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Your parents need frequent healthcare treatment as per their age. Paying for the required medical expenses may put a lot of weight on your shoulders. Since it is crucial to take good care of their health along with handling other liabilities, you can buy senior citizen health insurance online separately for them. Another advantage of choosing a senior citizen plan is that you can get coverage for their critical illnesses or other pre-existing conditions. Most of the insurers offer health insurance for senior citizens between the ages bracket of 60 to 80 years. 

Make sure you select health insurance online from reputable insurers such as Tata AIG to maintain the good health of your parents. Tata AIG’s MediSenior health insurance for senior citizens is acceptable under a network of over 3000+ hospitals for cashless hospitalization. It also covers hospitalization charges, including the cost of medicines, doctor’s fees, nursing fees and more. 

The risk of suffering from several diseases is on the rise in India. It is why you need to be financially sound to support healthcare expenses for yourself and your family members. Buying health insurance is imperative in this regard. There are many benefits of purchasing health insurance online, such as lower premium, no inconvenience of buying, and more. Ensure your family’s comprehensive protection by comparing health insurance plans to make an informed decision.