Empty cylinders bought from Patiala to set up O2 Langar in Delhi

Amid the oxygen crisis that has hit the country including Delhi following the second wave of coronavirus, a camp has been set up in the national capital near the Jangpura-Bhogal area where Covid-infected patients are being provided oxygen. What’s more heartening is 10 empty cylinders were brought from Patiala in Punjab to deal with the issue of shortage of cylinders.

On behalf of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, a group named “Hum Chakar Gobind Ke” has set up this camp. Previously, the group members were were transporting the oxygen cylinder to the houses but the increasing number of patients made the task a bit difficult for them.

Jasmeer Singh Khalsa, a member of this camp, told IANS: “Some of our colleagues have started this camp, we have a body named ‘Hum Chakar Gobind Ke’. At least 10 to 15 boys are currently serving in the camp. We have installed an oxygen cylinder in every vehicle, and have kept the patient in the vehicle itself.”

“Initially, we tried to take the cylinders home but that was a bit difficult task. One of our companions, Bobby Bhatia, supported us and we have set up this camp right in front of his house,” he said.

On behalf of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management, the camp is also providing food to homes .

Khalsa and his colleagues were also a part of the team that was involved in sanitizing houses last year.

This year, they began providing food, along with arranging oxgyen for the Covid patients.

This service is running smoothly since Monday.

Currently, all the patients reaching there in the vehicle are receiving oxygen. Also, cylinders are being filled from Manesar in Haryana.

Recently, the ‘Oxygen Langar’ service was also started in the Gurdwara in Ghaziabad, where serious patients can go and receive oxygen in the car.