Elderly man who died of Covid was brought dead: Lok Nayak Hospital

Hours after an elderly man died of Covid with his family alleging that the Lok Nayak Hospital denied entry to the patient, the dedicated Covid hospital termed the claims “incorrect and false”.

In a statement, the hospital’s Medical Director expressed condolences to the family of late Lakhjeet Singh, who succumbed to Covid-19 on Thursday morning.

“A grieving family member of the deceased has shared a version of events on social media regarding the unfortunate passing way of her father. It is being implied that the death occurred due to the hospital authority’s refusal of admission. While we fully stand by the family in this difficult time, it is important to place the facts on record,” the hospital said.

It said the first tweet regarding the alleged refusal to admit the patient was posted at 8.05 a.m. (that hospital was refusing admission and they were standing outside the hospital) and subsequently at 9.08 a.m., the news of the patient’s passing away was shared.

“Upon investigating the incident, it was found that the Lok Nayak Hospital auto-generated electronic casualty record had registered the patient in question as ‘Brought Dead’ at 7.37 a.m. The hospital staff on duty has confirmed that the patient was brought into the hospital between 7.10 and 7.30 a.m. The hospital wishes to clarify that the patient was not refused admission and was examined by doctors upon being brought in,” it said.

Further, the hospital said its staff are working non-stop for the last several months and are making every effort possible to ensure not a single life is lost.

“When incorrect and false claims are made about the hospital staff and widely publicised on the internet, it severely demoralises them and hurts their morale.”

The Lok Nayak Hospital said it is committed to serving the people and making every attempt to save lives.

“We appeal to the public to show consideration towards the hospital staff in these extraordinary circumstances,” the statement added.

In a series of tweets, Amarpreet, daughter of Lakhjeet Singh, alleged that her father, was Covid-positive and he needed to be shifted to the hospital. “My dad is having high fever. We need to shift him to (the) hospital. I am standing outside LNJP (Lok Nayak Hospital) Delhi and they are not taking him in. He is having corona, high fever and breathing problem. He won’t survive without help. Pls help,” she tweeted at 8.21 a.m. on Thursday. St 9.08 a.m. she said her father is no more.

“The government failed us,” she wrote.

The hospital, when contacted, said the patient was brought dead in casualty. In the ‘Casualty Card’ of the 68-year-old man, created at 7.37 a.m., it was mentioned that the patient was home-quarantined from Ganga Ram Hospital.

It also said his sample was taken on May 31 and the report came positive on June 1 at the Ganga Ram Hospital.”The patient was brought in casualty in an unconscious state… Patient was declared brought dead,” the card said. It also said the ECG of the patient was “flat line” and the “pupil dilated”. The card further said the “body to be packed and sent to mortuary”. The hospital also shared the Death Certificate of the patient, which says he passed away on June 4 at 7.37 a.m.

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