ECA stacks–are they really safe?


ECA stacks are preparations that are designed to get rid of excess body fat.The ideal option for weight reduction and effective weight loss, bothamongwomen and men.Theseburnersarebased on a special composition of ECA products, which include, interalia, ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.Previously, it was not a safe supplement, it has no legal regulations, and its use resulted in a lot of side effects despite the spectacular effects.

Today, we haveput on burnersthatreproduce the properties of ECA, but are much moreabsorbed by the body.Aspirin was replaced with whitewillow bark extract, ephedrine on EphedraVirdisextract, and caffeineremained as it was.The combination of thesethreecomponentsgave a productthatisfullylegal, allowed, and at the same timeactinglike the known ECA majority.

ECA components

CAFFEINE – for manyitis a godsend, withoutwhichpeople of life can not imagineit.It fightstiredness, stimulatesstimulation, acceleratesmetabolism by up to 11%, whichsignificantlyaffectsproperenergyconsumption and increasedfatburning.

ASPIRINE – apart from the factthatitworks as ananalgesicitturns out thatitalsohasslimmingproperties.It intensifies, amongothers, the process of mitochondrialbiogenesis.It affectsbothobesity and diabetes.However, due to the factthatitis a drug, itsidealreplacementiswhitewillow bark extract

EPHEDRINE– itisanorganicchemicalcompoundthathas a stimulatingeffect on the nervous system, but alsosignificantlyaffects the metabolicrate.By increasing the body temperature, itaffects the breakdown of body fat, but does not attack the muscletissue.Due to the factthatthissubstanceisbanned, the idealequivalentis the EpirdraVirdisExtract.

As the wellknownsaying of Paracelsussays „Omniasuntvenena, nihil est sine veneno. Sola dosisfacitvenenum” (in English – Allthingsarepoison, and nothingispoison, the dosagealonemakesitso a thingis not a poison). As always – we cansayitherealso. Ifyouareprone to stimulants, youhavesomeproblems with cardiovascular (ECA stackcouldaffectyourpressurelevelsignificantly) ornervous system (thereare a lot of reportsaboutinclinations for allaroundexcessivenervousness), thenyoushoulddefinitelytakemorecarewhentryingthosestacks. On the otherhand – ifyouareprofessional, with high experience in healthylifestyletopicwhoislooking for newsolutions in supportingyourtraining, orweightlossperiods, and youarefullyaware of your body state, and health – whydon’tgiveit a try? Of course, as always – try to start with the lowestpossibledose!

Dosing of ECA burners

In fact, the dosage depends on the specific product we deal with. The basis is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not exceed the recommended dose. If we want slimming to bring results, but withoutsideeffects and at the same time withoutlosinghealth, the basis is the use of dosesspecified on the leaflet of the givenburner.

Image Credits: ECA from Stock-Asso/Shutterstock