E-Nails: Backbone of all Dabbers

E-Nails: Backbone of all Dabbers

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As adults, we are all aware of the facts and features of recreational substances. While some addictive substances are legalized, like tobacco, alcohol, etc. Some are partially legalized like cannabis or marijuana. There are some, which are completely banned or illegal like meth, cocaine, to name some. One of the most common names for smoking up of marijuana is dabbing.

Dabbing: Not the dance form

It is common knowledge that dabbing is a kind of dance step that has been quite hit and happening for some time. However, dabbing is often referred to as smoking cannabis, hash oil, or marijuana. The dance form is associated with the sneezing gesture, which is a common phenomenon when having inhaled quite an amount.

Tools for Dabbing

Also known by the name of dabbing accessories, these tools help to enjoy the process of dabbing to the fullest. Some of the most common yet famous dabbing tools include dabbers, e-nails, carb caps, dabbing dishes, rigs, reclaimers, inserts, tweezers, and scrape tools to name some. To know more, you can click here for dab tool.


The latest addition to the art of dabbing is the E-nail or the Electronic Nail. E-Nails are heating devices, which digitally maintains a constant temperature so that the substance provides the most potent hit with the best taste. It is often termed as the successor of the hand torch, which has obvious issues in temperature maintenance.

Primary Benefits of an E-Nail

E-nails have become the indispensable tool of modern dabbing processes mainly for the below reasons:

  • Easy Temperature Control: The accuracy of the temperature can be easily maintained by the e-nails since it is controlled digitally especially for those low-heat dabs.
  • Convenient: A constant power source is all you need to run the E-nails. The days to worry about fuel running low or prepping up butane for torches is long gone with these E-nails.
  • Economical: On the face, the good quality E-nails might be seen on an expensive side. However, replacing butane fuel regularly and maintaining the torches take up quite a share of your pockets.
  • ✔   Safe: Handling digitally maintained devices is definitely a much safer option than using torches with highly inflammable gases when you are high.

Choosing the best E-nails

The market is swarming with varieties of fancy E-nails. However, some tips are worth remembering for choosing the best E-nail that suits your needs:

  • Value for Money: Look for the functionalities supported by the E-nail for the price you are buying. It is always advised to research the market before hooking one.
  • Longevity: Some E-nails come with a defined warranty. Always go for such products because longevity is a great factor to determine your buy.
  • Suit your needs: The needs of the E-Nail functionality differ in individuals. Therefore, look for customized options that would suit your needs.
  • Freedom of movement: While most of the E-nails need a power outlet to work, they often restrict movement. Battery operated E-Nails provide the best solution for roaming about without being attached to a power outlet.
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