‘Don’t bring kids to Chandigarh’s Sukhna Lake for excursion’

Chandigarh Advisor Manoj Parida has expressed concern over people bringing their minor children for excursion to the famed Sukhna Lake here.

He has hinted at use of police force to educate them. Take precautions as the fight against the coronavirus is far from over, Punjab Chief Minister amarinder Singh has already cautioned earlier.

“It was sad to see educated people bringing small kids to the Sukhna Lake,” Parida tweeted.

“I really don’t mind these stupid adults’ ‘early departure’ with smiling eyes through corona, but risking young innocent lives of future generations is criminal,” he said.

“Plan to use police to drill sense in their head. What say?” Parida added.

At this, someone responded: “You can’t call a parent of a stupid or criminal mind. Every parent knows very well about the safety and wellbeing of their kids while going outside and in home as well. They are not stupid. Sorry, but your statement is not appreciated.”

Parida retorted: “Strong sarcastic words are meant to provoke. Due to immunity issues kids and old men must stay indoors. We all must be strict on this.”

Two more residents of Chandigarh were tested positive on Friday. Both belonged to the Bapu Dham Colony in Sector 26, the epicentre of the virus.

They were family contacts of the previous positive cases, an official told IANS.

Of the 304 cases, 77 are active, while 222 patients have recovered. The city has recorded five Covid deaths.