Does Weed Enhance Creativity?

This is no secret among stoners, and thanks to new research, we can now use the connection between cannabis and creativity even more precisely. Artists, philosophers, scientists, and many small hobby writers use hemp to stimulate their own thoughts for new and original ideas. The cannabis business itself also has many small works of art to offer, from the fancy glass bong to countless smart foods and drinks to joints in crazy shapes. But how exactly does it work with the creative weed, and which strains for creativity are recommended?

The World Spirit in the Brain on Grass

According to the current state of knowledge, the center of our creativity is in the front area of ??our brain, and cannabis use gets the blood flowing right there, which activates. This has been empirically tested many times convincingly. In tests, creative people were active precisely in this brain region, and the nucleus accumbens together with the anterior lobe are constantly stimulated. In the investigation, however, the boundaries between creativity and simply out-of-the-way thinking are fluid, which is why one tries to clarify the definition here.

Can Cannabis Encourage Creative Approaches?

In tests, science has shown that even creative grouches benefit from smoking weed. In any case, impairments are not to be expected. The history and culture of hashish and marijuana show us how the usual suspects from art and philosophy keep picking up joints and pipes to overcome the dull phases of lack of ideas.

Now, one could say: cannabis only pushes what is already there. Yes and? Alcohol also disinhibits sexually and physically, which ultimately only corresponds to our nature – the dose makes the fun and, when smoking weed, the thinking. If you are now looking for specific hemp varieties for creativity, then we recommend, for example:

  • Blue Dream: The hit from California is a hybrid mix of Indica weed with Sativa Haze and boosts thinking. At the same time, this cannabis strain is also perfect for pain.
  • Durban Poison: 100% Sativa, the strain from South Africa promises the correct flow for creative people, although the grass is often used to make concentrates.
  • Sour Diesel: 90% Sativa, the variety with its energetic kick promises a smart taste and a great, unmistakable aroma that stimulates dreaming and thinking.

The Highly Appreciated Cannabis Seeds

Although Sativa cannabis strains are most associated with creative thinking, many artists and musicians enjoy the instant high from other members of the family.

Selecting a hybrid cannabis strain that combines a solid Sativa with a quality Indica is, for example, an excellent way to achieve this effect. The result is a hybrid that combines a pleasant, relaxing sensation with a strong mental high.

The hit rises quickly and powerfully, and you need to look for the dose that suits your needs to vape it and then think creatively. Still referring to the type of hybrid cannabis, it should also be added that among the highly recommended cannabis seed varieties, it is also worth mentioning the Lemon Kix.

This strain was the absolute champion of the HighLife Cup of the year 2018. With its genetics rich in THC, it is one of the best ever created and is 60% Sativa, of excellent quality and perfectly blended with indica.

The Cannabis Choice for Artists and Creatives

Regardless of what scientists think, it is important to emphasize that there are many artists and creatives who support the usefulness of the substance as it affects their way of acting and thinking.

In this regard, it is worth underlining that many love Sativa more than anything else, and among the many species that the artists and creatives consume more frequently, we find the variety known as Orange Bud, which among other things, is awarded the Cannabis Cup. Strains like these also have long blooms and often have excellent yields.

Another pure Sativa recommended for its creative benefits is Desfrán which has also reached the pinnacle of popularity with VIPs.