Does CBD oil have an impact on Alzheimer’s disease?

CBD oil

Alzheimer is a disease that belongs to neurodegenerative diseases, where there is a process of gradual destruction of the structures in the brain. In a progressive way, the disease slowly takes away memory and personality. In the final stage, the person affected by this disease is unable to live independently and becomes dependent on others. Can CBD change this state?

Is there no cure for Alzheimer’s disease?

Scientists believe that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by a combination of genetic factors and lifestyle, and the risk of falling ill increases significantly above 65 years of age. Alzheimer develops by changes in the brain which appear, according to one of the theories, by the accumulation of amyloid plaques.

This disease usually starts with mild confusion or memory problems, but in any case the state of memory loss worsens, causing repeated statements or questions, forgetting conversations or arranged appointments, confusing addresses and names of family members and friends, as well as forgetting the names of everyday objects.

Alzheimer also causes loss of sense of time, difficulty in finding the right words, problems with concentration and thinking, and experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, mood swings and irritability. There is no effective cure for this disease, and all current therapeutic methods can only temporarily improve the symptoms. But is that really so?

Does CBD oil have an impact on Alzheimer’s disease?

Research on CBD’s effects as a support in Alzheimer’s disease treatment is carried out all over the world – among others, by Dr. Tim Karl from Australia. Researchers are focused on the action of CBD – a substance that can be of great aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease as well as in other ailments.

Studies show that the CB2 receptor, one of the two endocannabinoid system receptors affected by extracts from cannabis and its valuable components, including CBD, can play a very important role in suppressing the process of disease progression. It can also work as a support in regeneration of damaged cells. Thanks to this, there is a chance to regain the ability to recognize people’s faces and strengthen short-term memory.

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