Does CBD Help with Weight Loss?

CBD Help with Weight Loss

With CBD becoming an increasingly popular remedy for all sorts of different conditions, itís natural to wonder if this non-intoxicating cannabinoid might also be able to help with weight loss. In this guide, learn what causes you to be overweight, how CBD might address the underlying factors that support weight gain and obesity, and how to choose the best CBD oil for weight loss.

What Causes You to Be Overweight?

While itís true that eating too much and not getting enough exercise are the primary reasons you become overweight, this simple answer doesnít tell the whole story. Letís start by examining each of the factors that can cause you to become overweight or obese:

Eating Habits

If you consume more calories per day than your body needs, those excess calories will be stored as fat throughout your body. Sweeteners and processed foods contribute the most to obesity, but you can become overweight even if you only ever eat healthy foods.


Living a sedentary lifestyle without much exercise will prevent your body from burning off the calories you consume in food. If you donít move around at all during the day, youíll become overweight even if you donít eat very much.


Personal metabolism determines how quickly you burn off the calories you consume. People with slower metabolisms are more at risk of becoming overweight or obese.


Certain conditions like Cushingís syndrome can directly cause obesity. Arthritis can also indirectly support obesity by making it difficult to exercise.

Poor Sleep

Low-quality sleep or not enough sleep can negatively impact your bodyĎs ability to burn off calories. Youíre more likely to become obese if your sleep health is poor.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a natural, non-intoxicating derivative of the hemp plant. This substance has been researched extensively for its potential ability to reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and help with chronic pain. CBD products are generally treated as industrial hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Does CBD Help You Lose Weight?

Thereís some evidence that CBD might impact your weight either by indirectly affecting the conditions that support obesity or directly altering your appetite. Letís take a look at some of the research related to CBD and obesity:

Does CBD Affect Appetite?

Research into the effects of CBD on appetite are inconclusive. One study found that some children given CBD for Dravet syndrome experienced increases in appetite while others experienced appetite decreases. Use of cannabinoids in general, though, has been associated with reduced body weight.

Does CBD Reduce Inflammation?

Researchers have keenly investigated CBD for its potential to reduce inflammation. Not only is obesity supported by inflammation-related conditions like arthritis, but some research shows a direct correlation between inflammation and weight gain.

Does CBD Reduce Pain?

Chronic pain is one of the main reasons people donít get enough exercise to prevent obesity. CBDís potential usefulness for pain has been one of the main targets of research into this non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

Does CBD Help with Sleep?

Not getting enough sleep is directly associated with weight gain and obesity. CBD has been studied for both its potential to directly improve sleep and its potential to reduce anxiety, one of the main factors supporting insomnia.

What Is the Best Type of CBD Product for Weight Loss?

If youíve decided to try CBD for weight loss, youíll need to know which types of CBD products are most effective for this purpose. For most people, taking CBD orally is the best approach, but not all types of oral CBD products are equally desirable when youíre trying to lose weight.

Gummies, for instance, should be avoided due to the presence of fattening sweeteners. As a result, tinctures and capsules are likely the best options at your disposal.

How Much CBD Should I Take for Weight Loss?

There are no established dosage guidelines for using CBD for weight loss. Most CBD users who try this cannabinoid to lose weight, however, end up finding that daily doses between 20-100mg are the most ideal. Consult with your doctor if youíre not sure how much CBD you should use when youíre trying to lose weight.

The Bottom Line: Is CBD Any Good for Weight Loss?

The jury is still out in regards to the direct usefulness of CBD for weight loss. Itís a fact, though, that obesity is supported for a variety of different conditions for which the usefulness of CBD has been thoroughly researched.

If you decide to use CBD for weight loss, keep in mind that thereís very little this simple cannabinoid can do on its own. Make sure you also improve your lifestyle and reduce your calorie intake to experience the best effects.