Discover the Best Ways to Stay Hydrated Through the Winter

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated through the winter can prove to be more of a challenge then you might expect! The naturally colder weather does some interesting things to the human body and can have a dehydrating effect on a personís skin if They are not careful to prioritize consistent hydration. 

The Cold Turns Down Our Natural Thirst Signals

It is fairly obvious that the most effective way to stay hydrated is by drinking water regularly and being consistent to get the proper electrolytes you need. During the warmer seasons this seems almost too obvious to mention as thereís nothing better than a cool refreshing drink on a hot summer day! 

The body understands that it needs water to survive, nearly 60% of its chemical makeup is water! So, there are innate signals that the body is capable of sending when it recognizes a need for water. These signals have a host of environmental factors that can trigger them – such as exertion and temperature. When itís warmer outside itís natural for your body to trigger these thirst signals reminding your brain to consistently take in water lest you lose it all due to sweat. 

As the temperature changes, so does the effectiveness of some of these triggering factors. In the winter, the cooler weather naturally turns down your thirst signals. Not only this but during the cold months it is far easier to go through prolonged periods of time without drinking water because you arenít thinking about your need for water quite as much! This translates into seasons of time where you drink far less than you would have normally and it is easy to not recognize it.

On Top of that, the colder weather can tend to be regularly dryer than warmer weather which can have a negative effect on your skin. When your skin is dry, itís a pretty good litness test that your body is in need of hydration. Your skin is your largest organ and requires a lot of fluid to stay well hydrated. So how do you ensure that you stay hydrated through the winter and fight off the negative consequences of dehydration? 

How to Stay Hydrated Through the Winter

The good news is that staying hydrated through the winter isnít hard if you have a game plan and the right tools! Here are the best ways to stay hydrated through the winter! 

Electrolyte Powder

HRDWRKís Electrolyte powder is a powerful supplement to provide your body with everything that it needs to stay strong and hydrated through the winter months. The powder itself is rich in powerful electrolytes like potassium, sodium and magnesium. These specific electrolytes enhance your bodyís natural hydration mechanisms which means that you get much more out of any drink you add it to! 

Your body naturally uses electrolytes for several necessary functions. Everything from a heart’s beating, synapses firing and even fluid movement on a cellular level is affected by electrolytes. Electrolytes themselves are substances that when dissolved release what are known as ions. These ions help to control fluid and electrical charge within the body. 

By adding a supplement like an electrolyte powder to your daily routines, you can actually enhance your bodyís ability to hydrate. The electrolytes dissolve and help move the fluid deeper into your body and keep you hydrated in a more advanced way than by simply just drinking water.

Get a Schedule

Another great way to stay hydrated is to get a hydration schedule. If you know that you struggle with drinking enough fluids through the winter then look at your day realistically and decide how you want to add hydration into it. This can look most effectively like setting a timer on your phone or smart watch that reminds you at certain points of the day to simply drink water.

Itís a good idea to hydrate with an added scoop of electrolyte powder in the morning and after every workout to properly replenish your electrolyte balance. The great thing about HRDWRKís electrolyte powder is that it has zero calories and is unflavored. That means you can add it to your favorite fruit juices, milks or even smoothies. It doesnít just have to be mixed with water!

It also has no added sugars and no artificial ingredients so you can safely add it to any of your favorite beverages guilt free! This is a powerful tool to help you stay hydrated through the cooler months.