Dental Implants, Bridges, or Dentures?

Dental Implants

No one likes the thought of having to find ways to replace permanent teeth that are missing. Leaving gaps in your teeth is not only a cosmetic embarrassment, but it can cause the surrounding teeth to become loose, or lead to crooked and misaligned teeth.

Below are a few ways that missing teeth can be replaced and your smile fully restored. But, before you make your final decision, be sure to do more research on each of the below options. One suggestion is to do an online search. When looking at dentists, be sure to check out their web pages for information on the services they provide.

On a page like the one for New York Total Dental, you can see descriptions of services provided as well as some photos for those services. It’s helpful to know what you are getting into before you schedule your appointment. Here are some brief descriptions of possible solutions.

Permanent Tooth Loss

Losing one or more teeth as an adult means a permanent loss of each affected natural tooth. It can happen from accidents, sports injuries, rigorous horseplay, or decay. It causes unsightly gaps in your teeth that make you feel self-conscious about smiling. It can also directly impact the quality of your speech. Most people begin the process of trying to find a solution that is comfortable and looks as natural as possible.

Uncomfortable Feel Of Dentures

Dental experts take careful molds to ensure that dentures are made to custom fit each patient. The problem is that it’s not a practical solution if you are only missing a couple of teeth. It can prove painful and uncomfortable to get used to full dentures. Relining is also expected and needed every once in a while. Many people look for solutions that are less intrusive and drastic. Being able to retain as many natural teeth as possible is important for a more natural result.

Instability of a Standard Bridge

A dental bridge can be done successfully and last for years, but it requires that the neighboring teeth be in excellent condition. It helps form the stable support needed to create the crown the bridges the gap of missing teeth. As natural teeth age and possibly decay, the support can become less stable and lead to a failure of the bridge. Finding a more stable way to offer security for a bridge has lead to more innovations in the dental field and solutions for missing permanent teeth.

The Risks of a Dental Implant With Teeth Clenching or Grinding

Dental implants are considered a fairly durable way to replace permanent teeth but there are certain conditions that can make them come loose from the bone of the jaw. People that grind their teeth during periods of stress or in their sleep, or those that clench their teeth without noticing can place a tremendous amount of pressure on the implant. You need to look for a different solution if you have been diagnosed with grinding or clenching issues.

Dental Implant Supported Bridge

You can choose a method of permanent tooth replacement that combines the best qualities of bridges, dental implants, or dentures. A dental implant supported bridge sets the crowns in place by using the implants as the anchor of support. You never have to worry about the anchor implant teeth decaying and the combined surface area of more than one attached crown can help eliminate problems of pressure and loosening the implants. You end up with a stable replacement for one or more teeth.

Regain a Complete and Beautiful Smile

Getting perfect results is the hope of anyone seeking realistic solutions for missing permanent teeth. Advancements in the science of tooth replacement allow for a more permanent process that looks and feels more natural. You can regain a full, gorgeous smile you’ll be proud to show off any time.

Take the stress out of your search for a replacement of permanent teeth by exploring some of the more modern methods available. You can return your smile back to normal by using a process of combining a bridge and implant for beautiful, lasting results.

Image Credits: Dental Implants from Alex Mit/Shutterstock