Delhi markets, bus stands to turn into Covid testing centres

Soon corona testing will be carried out at Delhi’s markets, bus stands and mohalla clinics. The number of Corona tests in Delhi has been increased to 40,000 per day.

With the increase in the number of tests, the number of new cases is also increasing in the national Capital. Over 2,900 corona patients have been detected during the last 24 hours. To this Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “There is nothing to worry about the spread of coronavirus in Delhi right now. The situation is completely under control, however no negligence should be allowed at any cost.”

Kejriwal has emphasised on preventing deaths from the pandemic. “If someone catches Covid-19 and that person recovers, then there is no problem. The problem arises when a person has Coronavirus and dies of it,” said the CM.

The Delhi government has constituted a special panel of doctors to prevent deaths from coronavirus. This committee has audited all hospitals where more people were dying due to corona. During the audit, many small and major flaws came to light, after which changes have been carried out.

Kejriwal said, “Over 2,900 new cases of corona have been reported in Delhi in the last 24 hours. During this time 13 people have died. We want not even one person to die from corona but if we talk about the 13 deaths, it is 0.4 per cent of the coronavirus patients reported in a single day.

On June 27, 2,900 new cases were reported in a single day and 66 persons died of Coronavirus on the same day. Now this figure has drastically come down. At present, 10 to 20 persons are dying every day due to corona. This is something that we are trying to bring under control.”

Kejriwal admitted that corona cases have increased in Delhi in the last few days. The Chief Minister said, “We have spoken to health experts on this subject. Some experts say we are witnessing the second wave of corona. Some say it is not the second wave. We must take necessary precautions keeping these technical things aside. The death rate due to the pandemic in Delhi is still 1 per cent since August 15 till now. While at the national level, it is 1.7 per cent.”

“14,000 beds in Delhi’s hospitals have been reserved for corona patients. Of these, only 5,000 beds have been filled. As many as 1,600-1,700 of them have come from other states outside Delhi. This means only Delhi Only 3300-3,400 hundred people are admitted in hospitals. Adequate beds are available in hospitals, but if more beds are required, we will make arrangements for that, too,” Kejriwal added.

The Chief Minister expressed displeasure over people not wearing masks and not following social-distancing norms. He said, “We should get out of our house for work, but during this time masks should be used and social distancing maintained. In case of ill health, get the corona test done immediately so that if one suffers from corona then others remain alert and get right treatment at the right time. “