Decreased libido in men: how to boost your libido?

libido in men

Lack of libido does not only affect women. 

Erectile dysfunction or simply lack of desire, a man’s libido fluctuates according to mood, time and loss of libido can also have hormonal causes. 

For a fulfilled sexuality, simple solutions exist to regain your male libido.

Decreased libido in men: how to boost your libido?

The loss of libido materializes in men by a sexual desire at half mast, and sometimes breakdowns of erection. 

These disorders are partly of medical origin, partly of psychological origin.

The medical causes of loss of libido

A low testosterone level can cause a decrease in libido in men. 

With age, in particular, hormone production decreases and the intensity of male sexual desire suffers. 

But other factors of a medical nature can influence the lack of libido: drug treatments, illness, unhealthy lifestyle – regular intake of psychotropic substances or alcoholism, for example – are often singled out.

Psychological factors of lack of libido

Under too much professional or family pressure, the man who feels stress or fatigue is less inclined to have sex. 

Similarly, the wear and tear of the couple over time, or the arrival of a child can jeopardize their libido. 

How to regain your male libido?

Personally, men have at their disposal several solutions to test to boost their libido.

Lack of libido of medical origin: the means to remedy it

When the loss of sexual desire is induced by taking medication, there is no question of stopping treatment on a personal initiative. 

Man has every interest in this scenario to consult his doctor to find with him a therapeutic alternative to less harmful side effects on his libido. 

If the disorders are hormonal in origin, it may be beneficial to have blood tests and then set up a suitable testosterone therapy. 

Finally, adopting a better lifestyle can help regain your male libido.

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Take care of yourself to fight a loss of libido

Like a woman, a man who feels bad about himself does not feel desirable. 

It’s time to highlight its seductive assets: new wardrobe, hard sports sessions, facials … so many ideas to regain your self-esteem and have the feeling of pleasing again. 

In the same vein, regaining your libido can go through rest and a cure of vitamins: an optimal physical form allows to overcome fragile psychological states, directly influencing the libido of man. 

Loss of male libido: the couple in question

Often, the lack of libido in men has its origin in the couple. In this hypothesis, the partners must become aware of it to find together effective means to re-boost sexual desire.

Reserve moments for two

The arrival of a child at home, an intense professional rhythm or a busy social life can keep lovers away. 

For a fulfilling sexuality, lovers can plan special moments for their couple. 

An evening, a weekend or a vacation for two allow you to find yourself as in the first days of the relationship, during which the libido of the man is generally at the top. 

By renewing in this way, the couple can also revive the love, essential for some to sexual desire.

Renewal and the unusual to regain your libido

Time has a detrimental effect on the sexuality of most couples. 

When the routine replaces the surprise, the sexual arousal suffers immediately and the man can find himself subject to erectile dysfunction or a breakdown of desire for his partner. 

The lovers, to face it, must show imagination and spice up their sexual relations: by renewing their positions, by trying libertine practices,

by adding accessories and sex toys, by realizing fantasies or by surprising the other with sexting … there are many ways to fight against a loss of libido.

When a man’s libido depends on a woman

It can happen that the lack of male libido is caused by a neglect of the partner. 

In this context, the man can suggest to his partner to take out the big game for him.

Naughty underwear, taking initiative or even erotic games: when the woman surprises her lover, the libido of the man is likely to go up sharply!