COVID-19 more serious for people having poor lifestyle

COVID-19 is more serious for people having a bad lifestyle, and the viral infection aggravates if people stop taking prescribed regular medicine for hypertension, cholesterol, sugar, etc., said Sandeep Datta, consultant chest specialist at Jeevan Jyoti Clinic Nursing Home.

Datta has been handling COVID-19 patients for more than a month. Detailing his experience with people having the corona symptoms, Datta said, “This viral infection is like community flu, and it is spreading like a flu. Delhi is amid community transmission, where it is difficult to trace the source of infection. In the first four to five days, people in the high risk group develop flu-like symptoms, and in the six to seven days, the cytokine storm takes place, which leads to sudden inflammation.”

When queried on managing the viral infection in the initial days, Datta said strong anti-inflammatory medications have been proven to be effective in the initial stage of the viral infection. He insisted that regular exercise will reduce inflammation in the body.

He insisted that people, who have been prescribed medicine for hypertension, cholesterol, blood sugar levels etc., should not skip their medicines or break the regularity. “People should mandatorily complete 10,000 steps and try to keep themselves fit. Start doing indoor exercise, walking, etc., and cut down on smoking and alcohol consumption. If the body is fit then it is prepared to fight back the viral infection. The viral infection is also harmful for overweight or obese people”, added Datta. The novel coronavirus has been claimed to be undoubtedly one of the most complex viruses that have ever challenged humanity.

Queried on the volume of severe COVID-19 cases and the associated symptoms, Datta said nearly 15 per cent cases in the OPD are having severe symptoms, and 25 per cent have mild symptoms, mild pneumonia which can easily be managed at home. In severe cases, there is a sudden fall in oxygen and the patient’s respiratory rate increases, he added. “In community spread, people can even get infected at home. Therefore, it is very essential to take care of lifestyle issues. People should reduce high sugar and salt intake”, said Datta.

Queried on 10,200-bed facility named Sardar Patel Covid Care Centre and Hospital, which was made operational in south Delhi, Datta said, “It is not a hospital; instead it is a bed centre. How have they taken care of sanitation issues?” Reportedly, the facility is 10 times bigger than any coronavirus centre in China, which is built on an area equivalent to 20 football fields.