COVID-19: Karnataka HC shut for sanitisation in Bengaluru

The Karnataka High Court in the city centre would remain closed on Tuesday for sanitisation of its entire complex, an official said.

“In a late-night decision, Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka ordered that judicial, non-judicial and administrative functions of the High Court would be suspended on June 30 for sanitisation of the entire complex,” said Registrar General Rajendra Badamikar in a closure order.

According to a source, after a relative of the High Court functionary tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday, the Chief Justice then decided to close the court for a day to disinfect its complex with fumigation.

On Monday, 738 COVID-19 positive cases were reported in this tech city, with 3,427 active, though 533 have been discharged, while 91 people have succumbed to the deadly disease so far.

In a related development, the civic corporation has deployed two disinfectant mist spraying cannons to fight the pandemic in the city.

Mounted on a truck each, the cannons spray a thin mist of the Covid fighting solution into the air, drawing the solution from large connected tanks.