Corona patient who left hospital in UP found dead

A 57-year-old corona patient, who was caught on camera walking out of the hospital, was found dead on Sunday evening.

His body was found in some bushes, just 500 metres from the hospital.

His family has accused the hospital of ‘negligence’, adding that he ‘escaped’ after he faced harassment.

The hospital administration, however, has denied the accusation.

According to reports, the man was admitted to the Swaroop Rani Nehru Hospital, with COVID-19 symptoms on Friday evening. He had complained of breathing problems.

The family said that the patient had called them on Saturday morning, hours before he ‘escaped’ from the hospital. He reportedly said his complaints at the hospital had gone unheard and he was not being given proper treatment.

“I felt suffocated, probably because of the ventilator. I tried to tell a few people here to help but no one listened,” the man reportedly told the family. An audio clip of the conversation has been released to media persons.

Dr SP Singh, the principal of SRN Hospital, said, “This patient had fever and breathing problems. His condition was improving. But he walked out all of a sudden. The doctors tried to stop him but before anyone could understand what was happening, the patient left. We immediately informed the police.”

The CCTV footage shows a man resembling the patient walking out of the gate of the hospital at around 4.30 p.m. on Saturday (as seen on the time stamp). About 30 seconds later, a group of men can be seen walking out of the same gate.

The hospital administration said that these men work with the hospital and they were trying to bring back the patient.

The daughter of the man told reporters that, “My father is no more. This is all because of the negligence by the hospital. Patients are harassed there. My father walked out of a ward and no one was held responsible. No one was providing food till money was given.”