Containment zones in Bengaluru rise to 19,001

Indicating the gravity of Covid pandemic in Bengaluru, Karnataka’s epicentre, total number of containment zones in the city rose to 19,001, an official said on Thursday.

“Snapshot of Covid cases in Bengaluru, total containment zones 19,001,” said an official.

Though the total number of containment zones are 19,001, not all of them are active. Currently there are 14,143 active containment zones.

Of the active containment zones, the latest one scheduled to return to normal based on the more recent infection, is August 15.

“Date for the last containment zone to return to normal as per the latest patient identified: August 15,” said the official.

Currently, Bengaluru is the fourth most Covid infected metropolitan city, after New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

New Delhi accounts for a total of 1.32 lakh infections, Mumbai (1.1 lakh) and Chennai (96,438) while Bengaluru accounts for 51,091.

In the last 10 days alone, the city witnessed 19,314 infections, emerging as the most infected place in the southern state.

Of the 51,091 cases, active cases in the city currently stand at 36,224.