Celebrity Boob Jobs: Celebrities Who Love Their New Look


The breast augmentation in Toronto can be comparable to those in Hollywood. Well, it’s no secret that many actresses have gone under the knife to get bigger boobs. Some admit to the procedure, while others have played coy or have outright denied the rumors regarding their procedure.

Here are a few celebrities who have admitted to undergoing cosmetic breast surgery:

Angelina Jolie

The A-list star and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world has admitted to getting a boob job in an article featured by the New York Times. She received a proactive double mastectomy, which is basically removing her breasts to reduce the chances of breast cancer. She then had implants put in to reconstruct her breasts. Angelina thought of the results as “beautiful”, though rumor has it that the surgery cost her $40,000.

Tara Reid

She’s well-known for her roles in the American Pie movies, along with the TV movie Sharknado and the various sequels. A red carpet wardrobe malfunction in 2007 revealed her rather unnatural-looking breasts, and she later admitted that she had a boob job to correct what she felt were uneven breasts. The botched results of the previous boob job have been recently corrected and now she has smaller ones, as she revealed to UsWeekly.


You may remember her from that epic reality TV show Jersey Shore, though her real name is Jennifer Farley. She has been unembarrassed to admit to receiving cosmetic breast surgery to various interviewers. In fact, she’s so enthusiastic about the procedure that she told Harper’s Bazaar that she’d happily “do it every year” if that was what it took to get great-looking breasts.

Kaley Cuoco

This actress has made it big on TV, first with 8 Simple Rules with John Ritter and Katey Segal. Then she really struck gold with The Big Bang Theory and now she earns about a million dollars per episode. That’s enough money to buy lots of cosmetic surgery, but she doesn’t need it anymore since she already had her breasts done when she was 18 years old. She’s now 32, and it’s clear that her breasts have served her well in her career. Or at least, it didn’t hurt her success, and in fact she says that it was, in her own words, the “best decision” she ever made.

Pamela Anderson

Pam is perhaps the most famous sex symbol of the 1990s, and she has had her breasts done several times. She had it augmented, then reduced, and then augmented again with smaller breasts.

Tori Spelling

The 90210 star had a boob job while she was in her 20s, and rumors about it have dogged her for years. She did admit to it in 2008 in an interview with the UK newspaper The Sun. “I’ve had the two procedures that probably every other woman in Hollywood has had done,” she said. Her words referred to her nose job as well as her boob job.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney would have been famous regardless of the size of her breasts, as the Kardashians are arguably the most famous family in reality TV. She had her B-cup breasts enlarged to C-cups, although perhaps she didn’t quite give it the proper amount of consideration. “I just got the idea in my head one day,” she once admitted.

Jenny McCarthy

The former Playmate had her breast implants when she was 19. Years later, she had her breasts reduced as she admitted that perhaps she was “too young” at the time to have her breasts enlarged.

Image Credits: Boob Jobs from John T Takai/Shutterstock