CBD Online Shopping Guide

CBD Online Shopping

Buying CBD online is no mystery, but there are little things you should watch for. Key aspects that can help ensure a safe and pleasant buying experience, as well as help you ensure that the product you are buying is indeed whatís being advertised.

1 – Go for specialized sellers

You can find CBD everywhere these days. Itís in beer and in chocolate, in face creams and vaping liquids. These products are sold in all sorts of online venues, including large marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. And use vouchers like Herb Approach coupon code to purchase CBD products online.

While products sold in marketplaces arenít inherently inferior, it is hard to verify quality and health claims offered by sellers who operate exclusively in such markets. Even product reviews can only be trusted so far in sites like Amazon. Itís best to buy from online stores dedicated exclusively to CBD products instead.

2 – Look for customer reviews

Once you set aside a couple of online CBD stores that are attractive to you, look for reviews and past customer experiences online. You should look into aspects like the quality of the companyís product, as well as the reliability of their delivery and customer service.

3 – Explore the siteís customer service

Speaking of which, itís a good idea to check a siteís customer service before you place a large order with them. Remember, if anything goes wrong with the delivery, or if you need to cancel your order, youíll need to deal with customer service. If that area of the companyís operation is poorly managed, a simple delivery mistake can snowball into a mountain of headaches.

Check if customer reviews mention the quality of the companyís customer service. No news is good news in this case. Good customer service is rarely praised, but consumers will jump at the chance to criticize bad customer service.

4 – Look for the CBD concentration

Any reputable seller will disclose either the concentration of CBD in a product or how much actual CBD it contains, in milligrams.

5 – Check the CBD extraction method

Reputable sellers will also disclose how the CBD they are selling was extracted from hemp. There are plenty of extraction methods available, and some are safer than others.

At an industrial level, CBD is usually extracted from hemp by using powerful solvents like butane and octane, or through the use of supercritical CO2. The latter method requires more expensive machinery. Using solvents is cheaper, but it also risks contaminating the CBD.

6 – Look into where the hemp was grown

Hemp is known to suck in whatever is in the soil underneath it. As a result, whatever is in the soil ends up in the body of the plant, and eventually makes its way into the finished CBD product. Heavy metals, pesticides, and fungus can all contaminate CBD this way.

Itís important to verify that the hemp that went into your CBD was grown. Sellers will often disclose that location. Ideally, the hemp should come from a location that conducts regular testing on the soil to prevent contamination of the plant.

7 – Look for test results

The best way to ensure the quality of CBD products is to have them tested by third-party laboratories. Look for online stores that make their test results available to the public, just like Cibdol does.