CBD Concentrates

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The CBD market can be quite confusing, especially for new cannabidiol consumers. This is due to the different products made from pure hemp plants. That said, it is essential to have a look at cannabidiol concentrates. For starters, CBD concentrates are the products that result from the extraction of CBD from hemp flowers that contain a high percentage of CBD and a low percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol. In short, they are highly purified forms of cannabidiol. Typically, the method of extraction determines the type of the resulting concentrate. Take a look at the top five CBD concentrates in the hemp industry at present.

CBD Hash

CBD Hash is extracted by rubbing the CBD crystals off the hemp buds. The rubbing off of crystals is the simplest method of extraction. For that reason, this is not the purest, nor the most potent form of cannabidiol concentrates as it contains flavonoids, terpenes, and several other compounds. CBD Hash can be smoked or eaten to achieve the desired results. However, the concentrated must be heated to about 116 degrees Celcius so that the remaining CBDA can convert to pure CBD.

CBD Distillate

Judging by evidence-based research and reviews concerning cannabidiol, CBD Distillate is the most effective type of cannabidiol concentrates. This is due to its neutral taste and potency. The product is derived through the use of high-end technology. The extraction of cannabidiol distillate involves a gold standard extraction whereby carbon dioxide is used to separate cannabinoids, hemp, terpenes, and essential oils. This process gears towards obtaining the purest form of hemp. Through distillation of the oil, chlorophyll, and cannabinoid are removed, and terpenes re-added at the end of the process. CBD distillate is crucial for creating cannabidiol edibles with no taste and regulated dosage.


Cannabidiol oil is the purest form of cannabidiol concentrates. It is derived by running the hemp plant through a solvent. Often, the most common solvents used are butane and ethanol. The professional process obtains cannabidiol, after which the plant remnants are strained out, and the resulting liquid boiled to cast out the solvent and remain with cannabidiol. After this step, the resulting product is decarboxylated to obtain pure CBD finally. The decarboxylation is a process that involves several steps. They include holding liquids CO2 in a chamber, then moving it to another chamber to increase its pressure. Alternatively, a simple form of extraction is boiling crushed hemp plant in oil then straining out the plant remnants.

CBD Isolate

The purest form of cannabidiol concentrate is the CBD isolate. It contains white crystals that have nothing but CBD. This concentrate does not have any other compounds, such as terpene. The downside of CBD isolate is that it lacks beneficial compounds that serve different health purposes. The concentrate is crucial for consumers who prefer 100% cannabidiol products.

CBD Crumble

This is a concentrate that contains 99% CBD. It is soft and crumbles in touch. CBD crumble obtained using the carbon dioxide extraction method. At times, the cannabidiol product may contain terpenes from organic food material. The terpenes are the reason behind crumbles with different flavors. An advantage of the product is that one can dose an edible CBD crumble.