Brazil with same population as UP recorded more deaths: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday compared Uttar Pradesh with Brazil and asserted that even though the Indian state has the same population as the latter, it has witnessed less deaths due to coronavirus.

PM Modi made the remarks pursuant to his interaction with the representatives from Non-Governmental Organisations based in his parliamentary constituency, Varanasi.

“A huge country like Brazil, with a similar population to Uttar Pradesh, has suffered around 65,000 deaths due to the disease while in Uttar Pradesh, around 800 people have lost their lives. It means that many lives have been saved in our state,” said PM Modi.

India rallies behind the US and Brazil and is the third worst-affected country in the world. While India has witnessed over 7.5 lakh cases and 21,000 deaths, Brazil recorded 17 lakh infections and 67,000 deaths.

According to the Health Ministry’s daily bulletin, Uttar Pradesh has 31,156 cases and 845 people have succumbed to the deadly disease till now.

He emphasised that state is not only checking the pace of the spread of the viral disease but those infected with it are also recovering quickly, says PM Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister further said that questions were raised on India’s capability to handle the incumbent crisis, but it has successfully overcome all the apprehensions.

He lauded the people of his parliamentary constituency and said, “With proper support, Varanasi can emerge as a leading export hub. It can lead as an example in making India self-reliant.” Kashi has vigorously countered the unprecedented coronavirus crisis, he added.

Prior to the speech, he was briefed by several NGOs like Gayatri Pariwar Rachnatmak Trust, Rashtriya ROTI Bank, Sampoorna Sindhi Samaj and others on steps and measures taken by them in the fight against the deadly disease.

Modi added that more than 80 crore people are being given free ration and its benefit is also being taken by poor people of Varanasi. “India has given food to people two times the population of America without taking a single penny.”