Boric Acid Wash: Is It Safe To Use

A wide variety of eye wash solutions are available, and boric acid is found in most of them as primary ingredient. Let us dig up the reason for including boric acid in eye wash solutions. In addition, we will discuss whether boric acid eye washes are safe or not and the possible side effects.

The primary component of boric acid is boron. Boric acid has cleansing and antiseptic properties. In its natural form, it appears as white or colourless crystal or powder.

If ingested, the preparations of boric acid can be toxic but the concentration of boric acid in the eye washes available in the drug stores is very low, and, so it is not harmful to our eyes.

Below are a few benefits of boric acid because of which it is used as an ingredient for eyewashes. Have a look:

Benefits of Boric Acid

  1. Antimicrobial and antiseptic – Being a mild antifungal and anti-bacterial boric acid prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria in the eye.
  2. A buffering agent – Boric acid acts as a buffering agent and balances the pH level.
  3. Tonicity-adjusting agent – Our body fluids contain dissolved molecules that move from higher to lower concentration. The eyewash solution that we use should match the concentration of these dissolved molecules in our eyes. Boric acid being a tonicity-adjusting agent provides an environment that is chemically compatible with the eye environment.

Boric Acid As An Eye Wash Ingredient

Since centuries, boric acid has been used to treat bacterial and fungal eye issues. It is also used to get rid of foreign matter in the eyes. Boric acid eyewash soothes the inflamed eyes.

What Are the Uses Of Boric Acid Eye Washes

Eyewash containing boric acid can be used to clean your eyes and to soothe eye irritation, dryness, burning and itchiness. You can use it in case of eye allergies and eye irritation caused due to chlorinated water or foreign objects in the eye. In addition, it treats eye infection due to virus, fungi and bacteria.

How to Make Boric Acid Eye Wash

To make boric acid eye wash you need a sterilize eye dropper or eye cup, boric acid and cooled and sterilized water.

Mix about one-eighth of boric acid in a cup of sterilized water. Before using it as eyewash solution make sure that boric acid is completely dissolved.

How to Use Boric Acid Eye Wash

Turn your head back to look at the ceiling. Turn the bottle of eyewash upside down. With one hand, position the bottle above your one eye, making sure it doesn’t touch the eye surface. With the other hand, pull the lower eyelid of the eye down. Squeeze the bottle gently and pour the drops of the eye wash in your eyes as instructed by your doctor or instructions mentioned on the package. Pour the eye drop in the eyes and then close your eyes for minute.

You can use homemade boric acid eyewash solution in two ways. One is using a dropped or if you have, eyecup then fill it with the solution and then lower your eye into it. Also, make sure to blink your eye and roll it around many times.

What Are the Side-effects Of Boric Acid Eye Wash

Eyewashes with boric acid as an ingredient may have some side effects such as:

  • Pain in Eye
  • Eye irritation
  • Eye redness
  • Changes in the vision
  • Soreness around the eyes

If you experience these side effects on using boric acid eye wash stop using it immediately and consult an ophthalmologist.

Also, in future check, the list of eye wash ingredients to make sure not to use a boric acid eyewash.

Precautions While Using Boric Acid Eye wash

  • Make sure to use eye washes containing boric acid only for mild eye irritation or mild eye allergy.
  • Do not use boric acid eye wash if you suspect fungal or bacterial infection. Better see your doctor as you may require eye drops containing antifungal or antibiotic agents.
  • Handle the bottle of eye wash with clean hands.
  • Do not use the eyewash solution that appears cloudy or discoloured.
  • Check the expiration date of the eye wash before using.
  • If you wear lens remove it before using the eyewash.
  • Keep eye wash away from the reach of children and pets