Your Blood Type Protect You Against Coronavirus

Your Blood Type Protect You Against Coronavirus… According to around 40 studies, people with an O blood group have a low risk of contracting the coronavirus virus.

Regarding the coronavirus, various hypotheses on its transmission or not have been in force for one year. And international research has focused on the relationship between blood groups and Covid-19 infections.

A Spanish study, relayed by the France Info site on February 11, 2021, on 6,000 patients has shown that people in the O + group seem better protected against the virus. In France, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and the University of Nantes explained, in January 2021, in the journal Viruses “that a consensus has emerged, according to which the groups O have a lower risk of the disease than others, between 10 and 33% less chance “.

Blood Type : What is the explanation?

The antibodies made by people in group O would be the key to these results. “The natural anti-A and anti-B antibodies could be partially protective against the virions of SARS-CoV-2 carrying blood group antigens from non-O individuals”, suggests the Inserm analysis. A second explanation, the O team is less prone to thrombosis and vascular dysfunction than non-O individuals. This blood group could, therefore be less exposed in the event of severe pulmonary dysfunction.

Based on these significant findings, specialists can better understand the pace of the epidemic in diverse populations. When a blood group is a majority in a country, this can explain the number of patients’ magnitude. In France, 42% of inhabitants are part of group O, 44% of group A, 10% of group B and 4% of group AB, according to the Etablissement Français du Sang.

Health guidelines should not be forgotten

These data should not make us forget that even if the risks are mitigated, the barrier gestures must always be respected. There is no immunity for people in group O. They can still be infected, and develop severe disease forms. For the time being, researchers are still working on “this biological mechanism to find proof of what they see in the figures for the epidemic”, recalls France Info.