Bhumi Pednekar Weight Loss: From Fat To Fit


Celebrity weight loss stories are always inspiring. If you are struggling with weight loss, we are here with the motivational story of Bhumi Pednekar. Bhumi Pednekar made her debut in Bollywood with the movie ‘ Dum Laga K Haisha’. To justify the lead character of plump Sandhya she gained 90 kgs for her debut film. But after the release of her film Bhumi decided to let go the plump Sandhya and managed to lose 21 kilograms in just four months.

In an interview, Bhumi says that it’s not required to push yourself in a zone of setting targets that are hard to achieve. She further adds that she didn’t starve herself or deprived herself of eating anything. She admits that she used to enjoy cheat meals every 5th day, but also controlled the carb intake and completely stopped consuming refined sugar. According to Bhumi she never consulted any nutritionist or dietician but followed the regular diet, and exercised portion control. Also, she was very particular about not bingeing. Bhumi attributes simple home-cooked food and her active lifestyle the key to her healthy weight loss.

Let’s sneak peek into Bhumi’s weight loss diet plan.

Bhumi Pednekar Diet Plan For Weight Loss


Morning started with a glass of warm water or detox water.

Recipe of detox water

To a litre of water add fresh mint leaves, three cucumbers, and four lemons. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours, and detox water is ready to drink.

After half an hour of having detox water, Bhumi used to consume museli and skimmed milk along with sunflower seeds and flax seeds.

Her pre-workout meal (An hour before hitting the gym) included omelettes of two white eggs with whole grain bread, and an apple or papaya. Bhumi’s post workout meal included whites of five boiled eggs.


Lunch generally consisted of 2 multigrain Rottis topped with little ghee or butter + a bowl of vegetables tossed in olive oil + a bowl dal tadka + a glass of buttermilk and a cup of curd (homemade).

Sometimes her lunch included brown bread sandwich stuffed with grilled chicken and vegetables or grilled chicken. To add flavour honey, mustard oil, green chutney and hummus were added to sandwiches instead of transfat spread or butter. Other healthy options she included in lunch were nutri-nuggets, hummus with carrots and cucumber and homemade chicken gravy with a bowl of brown rice

Evening snacks

Around 4.30 Bhumi used to snack an apple, guava, pear or papaya. After 1 hour she used to have green tea with walnuts and almonds. At around 7 pm her bowl of salad included seasonal vegetables, dried fruits or fruits tossed with little olive oil, mustard or ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar).


Bhumi’s dinner included either grilled paneer or tofu + steamed or olive oil fried vegies + thin multigrain rotis or a small cup of brown rice. If eating non-veg, her dinner included grilled chicken or fish.

On her cheat days too Bhumi tried to avoid junk foods. She believed in healthy snacking and pampered her taste buds by consuming berry smoothie, yoghurt cubes, kale or soy chips, roasted puffed bajra (peal millet) and dark chocolate.

In between meals whenever Bhumi was hungry, she had a bowl of dal or used to sip detox drink.

One more secret tip Bhumi’s shared about her weight loss journey was that five times in a week she uses to guzzle litres of aloe vera, drink kale juice and consume lots of green tea.

Bhumi’s workout schedule included 15 minutes of cardio followed by 40 minutes of weight training. On certain days weight training was replaced with functional training. Also, Bhumi indulged herself in dancing and playing sports such as badminton, swimming and volleyball.

In her another interview, Bhumi says that it is essential to love your body type. According to her, healthy eating and self-acceptance makes a person feel good and look better.

Bhumi’s weight loss journey is a perfect example of how you can lose weight naturally without imposing restrictions but by bringing small changes in your diet and lifestyle and eating a fat-free version of your favourite foods.