Best Surgical Hair Transplant Technique

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Everyone likes to look younger, attractive and healthier. Is there any solution to avoid a bald head? Yes, Hair transplant techniques and hair loss therapy, help you to get a headful of silky and soft hair.

A hair transplant is a surgery done to add more hair to an area on your head that can be thinning or balding. This surgery is done by taking hair from denser parts of the scalp or other parts of the body and grafting it to the thinning or balding section of the scalp. The hair transplant method is in nature, another restoration method.

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are the most popular two methods of hair transplant. At MetaGlow, Dr.Kruger offers both regenerative and aesthetic services, and work with clients on an individual basis to improve your beauty and health from the inside out.

How does Follicular unit transplantation or extraction work?

Worldwide, 50 percent to 60 percent of men and women undergo some form of hair loss due to stress and lifestyle. Before starting a transplant procedure, your surgeon sterilizes the scalp area where the hair will be removed and numbs with its anesthetic. You can also ask sedation to asleep for the procedure.

Your surgeon follows these steps to perform FUT:

  • Your surgeon removes a piece of your scalp, usually from the back. The strip size is 6 to 10 inches but can stretch from ear to ear.
  • After closing the scalp, your surgeon separates the scalp strip into 2,000 smaller fragments called grafts.
  • Using a needle, the surgeon makes small holes in your scalp where hair will be transplanted. The surgeon inserts hair from the removed scalp into the holes and covers the surgical sites with bandages.

FUE procedure follows as your surgeon, shave your hair on the back of your head. They take follicles out of the scalp skin and make tiny marks. Surgeon follows the FUT procedure, makes a small hole in your scalp and grafts into the hole. Grafting depends on the color, quality and type of hair we use.

Both techniques need the best surgical doctors and assistants. MetaGlow medical unit performs the above methods based on current research and utilizes modern technology to achieve hair transplant success. It actually makes clients life free from hair loss and helps them to lead a healthy life.

How to find the best surgeon for hair treatment?

FUT and FUE take from several hours to several days to complete. The time required depends on the amount of work done by the surgeon.

For hair transplantation, you have to select doctors who have the following qualities. The qualities are

  • To avoid side effects, you have to select licensed and certified surgeon medical units to perform surgery.
  • Ask your selected surgeon’s portfolio before confirming their appointment. Ask their previous clients/patients feedbacks and experience of treatments. Confirm a history of successful transplant procedures of your selected transplant unit.
  • Have a conversation with them before you sign in and thoroughly read reviews about them.

Once the surgery is done, your scalp area will feel sore and pain. You have to follow your doctor’s advice and take proper medicine for a speedy recovery. Hair transplant helps to get your hair back and increase your confidence level.

MetaGlow Health and Beauty care unit has world-class consultants and doctors for hair transplants. They offer both FUE and FUT procedures within your budget limit.

How much do hair transplant costs and what are its eligibility criteria?

Hair transplant procedure needs less manpower but has its own risk. You may also not be eligible for either procedure based on your hair volume and quality.

Hair transplants cost can range from $4,000 to $15,000 per session. The final costs depend on the:

  • The extent of the hair transplant session
  • Availability of surgeons and assistants in your selected medical unit
  • Experience of your surgeon
  • Surgical techniques and medical instruments used for the procedure.

Hair transplants are cosmetics procedures. Health insurance won’t pay for the surgery. The final cost also includes aftercare medications.

There is no maximum age limit for hair transplantation procedures. Some clinics prefer to operate procedures on patients over the age of 25. Before the age of 25, it can be difficult to judge how the hair continues to recede. The donor area of the patients should be in good condition to harvest healthy hair follicles.

MetaGlow Health and Beauty clinic understands each patient’s requirements and helps them to feel more beautiful and confident. They have high-quality surgical instruments, and best assistants to handle risky hair transplantation procedures. They also treat pathological aging, face wrinkles and acne, fat transfer and other dermatological problems. They help to improve your confidence and attitude level in you for your betterment life.

MetaGlow Health and beauty clinic helps you to get your youth back and help you to live a happy and healthy life. Immediately contact the best in town hair transplant clinic and get your lost life back.

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