Which Benefits Make Organo Gold Coffee Stand Out?

Organo sees coffee

Established in 2008, Organo Gold earned a reputation for its different products, such as personal care items, teas, nutraceuticals, but especially coffee. Organo is a global network marketing company that aims to change lives by helping people reach new levels of freedom, balance, and well-being through the premium products that it offers. Organo sees coffee as more than a caffeine fix, being committed to quality organic ingredients which enhance the coffee lifestyle for the consumer.

The company helps expand the coffee culture by allowing its consumers to also become distributors, and while the coffee market continues to expand, the brand remains a trusted source for quality coffee, due to its many benefits. Organo products are infused with a Chinese fungus called GanodermaLucidum, which provides Organo’s black coffee, for example, with many unique properties.

1. Helping overall health and looks

There is a long list of qualities that the Ganoderam Lucidum has, which includes: reducing the signs of aging, preventing skin cell degeneration, eliminating toxins from the body, improving skin texture, reducing fatigue, rejuvenating body tissue, providing more energy, and improving the digestive system. In addition, it showed good results in conditions such as neck or throat pain, laryngitis, and pharyngitis.

 2. Providing stress release

While many people drink coffee in the morning in order to get ready for their day, coffee is also ideal if you want to relax and just enjoy some quiet time, which can really help calm you down. This holds especially true for Organo coffee due, again, to the Ganoderma Lucidum, which has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries in order to reduce emotional outburst which would result from long-term stress. A medical clinic in Tokyo also found that the unique fungus can also help reduce pain suffered by people with shingles and neuralgia.

 3. Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory properties

Another reason why Organo Gold infuse their products with the Chinese mushroom is for its anti-inflammatory properties. A 2009 study showed that Ganoderma has anti-inflammatory as well as immunomodulation components, which means it could be useful when it comes to treating various inflammatory disorders. It also contains one of the most concentrated levels of antioxidants found in any foods.

 4. Promoting cardiovascular health

Japanese and Chinese scientists noted that the mushroom promotes blood flow and that it can contribute to lowering oxygen consumption in the heart. Additionally, there were findings that showed that the fungus is able to lower blood pressure, the build-up of plaque on the artery walls, and can also lower cholesterol. When it comes to reducing high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, clinical studies compared the fungus to a placebo, and the results showed that there was reason to believe that the properties that the fungus possesses are to credit for the reduction.

 5. Supporting the immune system

In addition to its many qualities, the fungus is also able to stimulate immune system cells known as macrophages to maturity. The cells are able to destroy infection diseases and can also eliminate the infections which can develop into bronchitis. Moreover, the mature macrophages are able to fight yeast and yeast infections. Studies have concluded that the immune system boosting properties that Ganoderma has is related to its antioxidant levels.

Whether you like mocha, latte, supreme, or black coffee, Organo has you covered. And as a result of the Ganoderma extract, you will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee that is god for your health while at the same time has great flavors. You can make Organo products a part of your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits that come with using the products that they are offering.

Image Credits: coffee from naito29/Shutterstock