Are There Benefits to Mixing CBD Products and Alcohol?

CBD Products

Mixing CBD with sparkling wine can be a therapeutic way to unwind in the evening. Both lower inhibitions when consumed separately but can increase feelings of being mellow or sleepy when combined.

Research on the effects of mixing both substances is still progressing, but most experts agree that they interact and can amplify the sedating effect that each offers. If both products are used in moderation and are approved by your doctor, you can enjoy the list of positives they provide. 

Below are a few benefits you can enjoy when mixing CBD products with alcohol. 

1) Increases Relaxation

Mixing CBD with sparkling wine or other alcoholic beverages can help ease anxiety or prepare you for a good night’s sleep. Pouring yourself a glass as you unwind before bed makes you feel tired, but it doesn’t always help you get to sleep.

Nirvana CBD Oil Roll On can help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain in the area where the roll-on is applied to guarantee you don’t wake up feeling like you overdid it with just a glass or two.

Cannabidiol doesn’t give consumers a high like products derived from THC. Still, it has been proven to have a calming effect on the central nervous system, so consumers who struggle with anxiety or sleep issues feel calm. Pairing cannabidiol with your drink of choice will help you get a pain-free night of relaxing sleep. 

2) A Cure for Hangovers 

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant but doesn’t have the same mind-altering effect as THC. You don’t get high, but it can help reduce the symptoms associated with a hangover. Hangovers occur when your blood alcohol level drops significantly, leaving you feeling dizzy, sick, and tired. 

Frontiers in Neurology published a study in 2018 highlighting how CBD reduces symptoms of muscle spasticity, fatigue, and depression, common in people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The cannabidiol treatment had a therapeutic result that alleviated inflammation and functional mobility also seen in those experiencing a hangover.

The recorded anti-inflammatory and antioxidative pharmacological effects help the body recover from damage to the liver and other organs from high alcohol consumption. The body is eased through the side effects of drinking by recovering more quickly and suppressing unpleasant feelings of nausea and shakiness.  

3) Reduces Damage to the Body 

Alcohol works as a depressant when it enters the bloodstream but depletes the body of water and nutrients, which can cause inflammation. Inflammation from drinking can irritate the intestines or cause joint pain for some people.

Cannabidiol products can reduce inflammation to ease the harshness of drinking on the body, so you don’t feel it the following day. Pairing alcohol and CBD does not reverse or eradicate the presence of alcohol in the body, but it can reduce the lasting damage. 

The anti-inflammatory effects target inflammation of the liver that arises after consuming alcohol. CBD can be used before or after drinking to alleviate the side effects of the toxicity in alcohol that the liver is working to break down. 

Final Thoughts

Mixing CBD with alcohol has grown in popularity as its use has become more socially acceptable. Although information about its effects when paired specifically with wine is minimal, it’s a popular choice of beverage alongside cocktails with an added warning of caution because of the official inclusive results of the interaction. 

You can’t overdose on CBD, so if you pair the two in moderation, you should not experience any adverse effects. Remember to consult your doctor before consuming any new products that can affect your body.