Amid corona, patients with seasonal diseases crowd hospitals in Agra

A large number of patients with seasonal diseases have begun crowding up the OPDs of the district hospital and the S.N. Medical College hospital, putting additional pressure on the medical staff battling with Covid-19.

Doctors said patients with mixed symptoms of flu, dengue, Chikungunya, swine flu, the common cold, were turning up in large numbers. A spectre of fear of Covid was the common thread, they said.

To ensure social distancing, the hospital staff on Wednesday painted circles and posted guards to ensure people followed the norms, instead of crowding the counters.

The health department has cautioned people against storing water. This is the time for a high level of cleanliness and sanitisation, as the weather continues to remain hot and sultry with high humidity. The monsoon rains have not been kind to Agra this season, with a shortfall of more than 40 per cent. Already water shortage and frequent breakdown in supplies by the Agra Water Works, has triggered a series of agitations in the last five days.

In the past 24 hours, there were 73 fresh cases of Covid-19 in the Taj city.

The total number of active cases is 811. The recovery rate continues to improve touching 83.57 per cent, but the sample positivity rate has not changed in the past fortnight which is 3.04 per cent. The total number of samples tested so far is 1,87,376. The total number of deaths is 126.