Alternative Ways to Grow Muscles without Muscle Supplements

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When we see any massive bodybuilder, the first thing that pops up in our mind is, “he must have made this taking muscle supplements regularly”. But No! You’re making mistake here. This doesn’t necessarily mean behind an attractive muscle, supplements are only responsible for. These muscle supplements cannot always help you out to build a massive muscle. A proper diet plan and other factors play important roles apart from the supplements. You can have more ideas about building muscles naturally and also about the supplements in supplement tips by

People depend mostly on the supplements because of their laziness or to avoid the gym. In a word, people don’t want to work harder in the gym and expect easy ways to get the result in a shorter period of time. But there are a lot of examples of people who couldn’t get their dream muscles by only depending on those supplements as their perception are completely wrong.

What is the Muscle Supplement?

Muscle supplements are actually the added supplementary protein, nutrients (macro & micro) and calories with your regular dietary. There are types of supplements regarding the amino acids, creatine and fish oil. They all include different types of components to grow the body muscle in a right way.

But always remember only supplements can never work alone if you lack the proper dietary. The diet should be on point. Also, there remain other factors and without a proper balance and dedication, nothing will work right.

What is needed to Grow Massive Muscles without Muscle Supplements?

First of all, focus on your big journey. Are you really ready for it? If you are looking for gaining strength or you desire for a big massive attractive body, then things will be different. Gaining strength’s exercises and bodybuilding’s exercises are quite different and so is the dietary.

However, growing extra size to your body through exercising, proper diet and maintaining a decent life can say NO to adding supplements to it. Here is how. Fix your mind into that supplements are not mandatory. Remember that if you can get every single component through your diet perfectly, then there is no actual need of supplements at all. You can transform yourself into your expected image just by following some rules.

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Focus on the Protein In taking

The most important component to build up your muscles is the amount of protein you are in taking regularly. Try taking natural meals that contain protein such as meats, eggs, fishes etc. Sometimes after a hard working at the gym, you may get tired and may not have moods for making food for yourself. And what happens after that? You go for the readymade foods or protein supplements that not only contain proteins in it but also add a lot of extra fats and other nutrients which can be a barrier for your regular dietary.

So, try depending on eating fresh foods that have a good number of proteins in it. Eat proteins more than the carbohydrates because it is healthy.

Add Fruits and Vegetable to your Diet Chart

Only protein is not all for building a muscle that heavy. Macro & micronutrients which are vitamins, minerals etc. help to strengthen your body. If you lack energy then you will never be able to grow your dream muscled body. So, the most important thing is to focus on gaining the strength. Though it is proved that bodybuilders are weaker than the strength gainers, your dietary can change your lifestyle in a different way. Those who depend on the supplements only and lack the actual dietary may suffer this difficulty but if you maintain your diet plan properly, nothing can beat you.

Fibrous vegetables contain a lot of ingredients including minerals and nutrients which are most important among all of the vegetables. The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the vegetables and fruits bear can never be fulfilled by any other meals on this planet.

Change your Lifestyle

Only following the diet chart and attending the gym will not bring your expected result unless you change your lifestyle. A daily 7-8 hours sleep is a must here. When you sleep, your body grows muscles and also keeps you healthy. Lack of sleeping, sleeplessness or insomnia will not work during this journey.

Also, you need to drink less alcohol. Instead of taking alcohol, make a habit of drinking fresh fruit juices as much as you want. Wrap your daily tasks in a routine. You need to be focused as it is told earlier. Make your goal and set your mind to be determined for these struggling days.

Do not make a long gap between your meals in taking. The gap should be highest 2 hours and there need to be 6 to 7 meals a day. Eat in a shorter period of time but eat less and this will not make you hungry. Also, drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and that’s the most important than all.


Talking about changing the lifestyle, the dedication automatically comes out. Working hard at the gym isn’t enough but you have to fill your daily reps. No matter if you feel sick or something but you have to go for it after that. Everything has to be on point on where the body is responding to perfectly. Don’t give up otherwise all your hard work and sweats won’t work at all.

Supplements do not work growing muscles when the main meals you are intaking lack the proper ingredients. So, don’t go for the supplements unless you are filling up the other sites which are way more necessary. Besides, supplements are kind of difficult to afford by everybody and when you can finally afford, it may not work at all. Nothing, just keep the right intensity at the gym, have proper dietary along with a decent lifestyle and an honest dedication- these all will bring you up to your dream.