Do You Know These Notions About Epilepsy?

he modern lifestyle has made us vulnerable to many diseases and that’s why many ailments have become a new normal for the majority of people and one such disorder which is engulfing the population on a very large scale is epilepsy.

According to the reports of WHO, more than 50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy which makes it the most common brain disorder. And in the same report, it was found that 80% of the people suffering from epilepsy belong to low and middle-income countries.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is basically a chronic brain disorder that causes a recurrent seizure. Seizures are a sudden rush of electrical activity in the brain and that’s why this disorder is also known as a seizure disorder.  Different types of epilepsy result in different types of seizure-like partial seizure, generalized seizure, etc. Seniors are the most affected group of the population suffering from epilepsy as there are 300,000 seniors affected by epilepsy nationwide. There is no cure for this disorder but if you can consult a neurosurgeon online very easily like if you are in London, you just need to type neurosurgeon in London and you will get a long list of some of the best neurosurgeons in London.

Different types of seizure

Tonic-clonic seizures– Also known as convulsion, this type of seizure has basically become a synonym for epilepsy. It starts with a cry which is then followed by air being abruptly pushed out of the lungs. It causes the person to fall down, unconscious.

Partial seizure- Most of the people suffering from epilepsy suffer from a partial seizure which affects only one area of the brain and it causes an aura, physiological reactions or motor and sensory changes. Old aged people suffering from partial seizure may experience uncontrolled shaking, or changes in the way things look, smell or feel.

Complex partial seizure– The effects of complex partial seizure are completely different from the other two as it affects consciousness while they are happening but the patient can remember them afterward. The person suffering from this type of seizure may not talk during the seizure but can respond to calm request.  

What are the basic reasons for epilepsy?

Although the main reason for that hasn’t been found yet, some most common things which trigger this disorder are as follows:-

  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Heavy consumption of caffeine, alcohol or drugs
  • Skipping meals and overeating

One of the best ways to know what triggers your epilepsy is by keeping a seizure journal.  You seed always make a note of the things you were doing before the seizure, the day and time of seizure, what you last ate before the seizure, etc.

There are still many researchers conducting studies on a permanent cure from epilepsy. You can minimize the symptoms of this brain disorder by consulting a neurosurgeon in London. There was a recent paper published regarding epilepsy which changed a decade long classification of this disorder and there were also some minor alterations made regarding its definition.