Agra reports 96 fresh cases, one death from Covid-19

With 96 fresh cases of Covid-19 and one more death in a day, the Taj city is in the grip of a fear-wave.

As markets open and restrictions are lifted, the chances of more people getting infected go up, explain the doctors but the district administration finds the pressure difficult to negotiate on a daily basis.

The medical infrastructure at the S.N. Medical College is under strain and is facing shortages of medicines, Oxygen, and even trained hands. Senior doctors in the private health sector have virtually disappeared, surgeries have stopped and a significantly large number of trained hands to battle the pandemic, are reluctant to continue to give their services inviting risk. A senior police official, two cops, and a post-master tested positive on Wednesday.

In the past 24 hours, Agra reported 96 fresh cases and one death of a senior citizen. The number of active cases now is 730 while the number of samples tested so far is 1,39,432.

The situation continues to remain grim in Aligarh, Mathura, Firozabad with cases of Covid-19 positive cases going up each day.

The state health department has asked the district administrations to increase the number of beds in government hospitals.

Though the private sector hospitals have now begun to admit Covid cases, the number of complaints each day of overcharging and negligence have also increased. “Their packages are exorbitant, beyond the ordinary people,” complained one member of a victim family.