Addressing the Common Myths Associated with Essential Tremor

There is no denying that the essential tremor is a disability that is not completely understood. It is the lack of understanding that makes it easy for those who have the condition to feel like outcasts compared to everyone else. Even worse, due to the overall lack of public knowledge when it comes to essential tremor, it becomes a source of embarrassment instead of something that is a part of your life that will only be manageable if you allow it to.

It can be a bit tricky to tackle the situation, as those suffering from the handicap tend to find themselves in a vicious cycle. For example, when they start suffering from symptoms in a public place, it can cause embarrassment – which in turn aggravates the sufferer, which results in more intense symptoms. It is crucial for those who want to take control of their lives as sufferers of essential tremor to address some of the more common myths and answering the question: what is essential tremor? Knowledge is always power, and a deeper understanding of the handicap will allow those who have it to take control of the situation.

Myth: Essential tremor is a harmless condition

The problem that most people face when it comes to fighting essential tremor is the idea that it is not nearly as bad as it seems. While such a perspective can help in some ways, it is by no means a benign condition. Unlike similar conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, the symptoms present in essential tremor can get worse the more a person is agitated. It can cause situations of great stress, and make it challenging for those who suffer from the handicap to go out and enjoy themselves.

It is the idea that essential tremor is a harmless condition that makes people who suffer from them feel like their problem is not worth noting for others. Social phobia is a genuine concern, and it can grow in those who have essential tremor due to the way the condition is perceived. It is by no means a harmless condition, and it needs to be taken seriously if you intend to overcome the phobia and the embarrassment that comes from the handicap.

Myth: Essential tremor just goes away on its own

While most cases with tremor tend to lessen with time, it is not a condition that can be cured as there is currently no known cure. Not many people realize the severity of the situation, and often downplay essential tremor like it is not worth looking into. However, the symptoms can get worse than similar conditions, especially if you happen to be agitated for whatever reason. The unfortunate fact is that tremors can cause agitation, which can cause an even more intense bout of tremors to occur.

Perhaps one of the worst parts of the condition is that it can get much worse with age. Fortunately, it is true that there are sufferers who go on to overcome their condition in multiple ways, achieving plenty of success. It is more than possible to overcome the issues that come with the handicap, and a big part of it is accepting that it does not go away on its own.

Myth: Essential tremor can just be avoided

Essential tremor is an inherited condition, and it is a lot more common than some might think. It is not something that is necessarily avoided with lifestyle changes, which means that those who have the condition could not have avoided it with precautionary life choices. While it is unfortunate that essential tremor cannot be avoided, it is manageable with the correct treatment and mindset when tackling the issue. It can be disheartening to find out that there was no avoiding the handicap, but acceptance has always helped those with a disability tackle life’s challenges in a healthy and high-spirited manner.

Myth: Alcohol worsens the effect of essential tremor

While there are plenty of different ways that symptoms can worsen, drinking alcoholic beverages is not one of them. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that sufferers who are of legal drinking age have a drink before attending a social gathering, as it has the effect of lessening the severity of the tremor. On average, the effects of an alcoholic beverage can last up to an hour, though it is not recommended to take alcohol to deal with symptoms repeatedly.

The best way to utilize alcohol as a drug to help deal with essential tremor is by taking it in moderation. That way, if there are situations where it is vital that you lessen the symptoms, you can quickly get rid of it with alcohol. It is an excellent means of controlling the handicap for performing musicians. Yes, there are people who suffer from essential tremor who go on to become popular musicians!

Myth: Anxiety does not cause symptoms

It is a well-known fact that the reason some people are afraid of going out to social gatherings is it has the effect of worsening their essential tremor symptoms. Anxiety and agitation play a big part in worsening the handicap, but it does not always have to be such a bad thing. 

The fact that anxiety makes an impact means that treating your anxiety simultaneously helps treat essential tremor symptoms. It means that while it might be an extra layer of hassle, you have another method of lessening the symptoms overall. Please keep in mind that taking caffeine or smoking can have the opposite effect of taking alcohol, as it can aggravate the situation and make it more challenging to deal with essential tremor. 

There is no denying that essential tremor can be disheartening if you do not have the right mindset. After all, nobody wants to embarrass themselves by having a more challenging time accomplishing menial tasks. However, learning about the common misconceptions and deepening your understanding of essential tremors will make it much easier to accept and deal with the unique challenges that it presents.Image:

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