7 ways to boost testosterone

Keeping testosterone at the right level keeps many men up at night. This male sex hormone is an indicator of their masculinity and reproductive health. But what if you come across some problems and you canít step up in the bedroom and satisfy the sexual needs of your partner, or make matters worse, you donít feel sexual drive at all? For many men, itís still a taboo subject since theyíre ashamed of their disability. But itís neither the reason for shame or embarrassment. The statistics say that one in ten men has a problem related to having sex, either premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, it touches any man, whether he is heterosexual, gay, bisexual, or transgender. So, thereís no strict rule. But you can deal with this uncomfortable condition in many ways, before taking the last resort, which is the visit to the sexologist.†

Take supplements

Today, one of the most effective methods to boost your testosterone level is taking different male enhancement supplements. They quickly increase blood flow to the penis, which triggers sex drive. Although itís hard to believe that supplements can work even better than prescription medication, itís enough to read a long and strong review to see how effective they can be. Despite not containing nitric oxide boosters, which are responsible for dilating blood vessels and achieving a satisfying erection and sexual intercourse, they have other solid ingredients, such as Muira puama, maca, and horny goat weed. Thanks to these substances, youíll boost your libido, which equals keeping your sexual experience at the highest level, which should satisfy both your and your partner in bed.††

Take exercises

If youíre afraid of experimenting with supplements on your own, you can always reach for natural methods, for example, taking more physical exercises. It would be helpful if you signed up for a gym membership and took a regular workout. The most effective is weight lifting, which not only builds your muscle strength but also significantly increases your testosterone level. Another type of exercise you can take at the gym is high-intensity interval training. However, to see fast effects in a short time, itís good to combine your workout with taking caffeine and creatine monohydrate. To find out more, you can turn to a personal trainer who will explain everything to you and guide you during the training. 

Stick to an adequate diet

What men usually forget about, especially if they are singles, is an adequate and balanced diet containing protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You may think that food doesnít have any impact on your testosterone level, but thatís not true. If youíre always on a diet or quite the opposite, you overeat, itís no wonder you have sexual problems. To optimise your hormone level, and enjoy long-term health, you should eat ideally five diversified meals per day to provide your organism with all the necessary nutrients.  

Reduce stress

Are you exposed to everyday stress at work? Canít you manage to meet deadlines, and youíre overwhelmed by workload? Then, you already know the reason for your embarrassing problem. Getting stressed, you elevate the level of cortisol hormone, which in turn leads to lowering the level of testosterone. These hormones work reversely, whereas one goes up, the other goes down. 

Whatís more, struggling with chronic stress, youíre more subjected to compulsive eating and weight gain, which is harmful to your health and negatively affects the level of testosterone. Therefore, itís so essential to reduce stress in your life to a minimum and find the balance between work and private life.†

Get some sun or take vitamin D

To maintain the right testosterone level in your organism and have a satisfying sexual life, you can also get more sun. Why? Due to a benign influence of Vitamin D, which is a natural testosterone booster. For that purpose, donít refuse to take a walk after work. If you have enough time and the weather is fine, why not take your dog for a walk or go on foot to the nearby supermarket? If you prefer jogging, go for this activity. No matter what you choose, try to spend more time in the sun.†

If itís a cloudy winter day, donít worry. Start supplementing the vitamin in your daily diet. Itís proven that taking around 3 000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day can increase the testosterone level even by 25%.

Take enough sleep

Also, donít neglect your rest and sleep. Being overworked, many people, including a large number of men, donít take enough sleep, which results in the reduction of the testosterone level. Donít you believe it? Studies show that 5 hours of sleep can reduce your testosterone by 15%. Although every person needs a different amount of sleep, the ideal range is between 7 and 10 per night. Furthermore, you’d better go to bed, ideally before midnight, when your brain rests the most. 

Avoid alcohol and drugs 

Last but not least is the question of drugs, such as alcohol, cigarettes, or soft and hard drugs in your life. They significantly lower your libido, and after their intake, you may experience some difficulties in getting and keeping your penis erected during sex. Of course, every organism may react differently after drinking a couple of shots, smoking a joint or snorting cocaine, but generally, it’s not recommended since these substances only decrease your testosterone level. So, try to avoid such habits, and instead enjoy other, healthier forms of entertainment.

To sum up, even if you’ve experienced some sexual disorders, don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world. You can easily overcome them, with the help of both natural and chemical remedial measures. If you’re only motivated enough, you’ll enjoy your sexual life sooner rather than later.†

Daria Skutecka†

Image Credit: testosterone via Billion/Shutterstock