7 Tips For Sticking to Your Fitness Routine When Traveling

Fitness Routine

Depending on where you are traveling in the world right now, getting where you want to go may be incredibly stressful. Travel restrictions keep changing due to the coronavirus; and if you are coming from a region with high rates of infection, you may be required to quarantine for 10-14 days.

If you have decided it is time to get out and see the world anyway, this may actually be one of the best times for it. Since many tourist spots are not heavily populated right now due to fears of spreading the virus, you can get some pretty quiet, uncrowded time in your destination.

Regardless of whether or not you are traveling to or from a location that has a heavy level of restrictions, you want to take care of yourself while you travel in order to maintain good health and enjoy your trip as much as possible. Thatís why it is a good idea to stick to many of the same routines you keep at home, despite being out and about in the world.

Even though the hotel fitness center is often one of the loneliest places on Earth, it will serve you well to keep your exercise schedule as regular as possible. It helps combat jet lag, and you can burn off all those extra calories from the amazing foods you have the opportunity to try while away from home. Keep reading for some tips on how to stick to your fitness routine whether you are on the other side of the globe, or stuck quarantining in a hotel room.

1. Be Prepared for Extra Soreness

Consider keeping some CBD cream like the stuff sold by Evn CBD on hand in order to combat tired, aching feet, or stiff, painful legs. In addition to helping you feel your best regardless of how many steps Machu Picchu really has, CBD products can reduce inflammation, aid a better nightís sleep across all time zones, and keep your anxiety at bay when dealing with crowds of people.

2. Donít Forget Your Supplies

You donít need much in order to have a great workout. As a matter of fact, you donít really need any supplies or special gear. However, if you have a routine that requires something you just canít do without (your favorite running shoes, a resistance band, a brace for your knee, etc.) make sure you remember to pack it. 

3. Get Consistent Sleep

The urge to stay up all night is strong when you are exploring a new place for the first time. Do yourself a favor and resist. If you donít get the sleep you need while traveling, you could end up not being motivated to get up and work out, or you could find yourself extra sore due to the fact that a lack of sleep prevented your body from recovering properly. Get the rest you need so you can stick to your schedule and keep meeting your fitness goals wherever you are.

4. Find a Local Class

If you are able, go out and look for a local fitness class to join. It can be exciting to see what kinds of regional twists there are for the kind of workout you prefer. Several apps can help you find a local gym or map out a run that guides you to the best sights or trails. Or you can just call a nearby yoga studio and ask if they offer any deals for travelers. Itís a great way to meet new people, and you may even learn a new pose that you love.

5. Stay Hydrated

You might have your water-drinking down to a science at home, but being out and about changes everything. It will probably even change the amount of water you need. For example, spending your days walking in the heat will cause you to lose more water, and an altered diet with saltier foods will definitely change your hydration requirements. Be sure to drink enough water to make up for what you are losing in order to prevent muscle cramps, fatigue, and overuse injuries.

6. Keep Your Diet Stable

Being in a new place opens up the opportunity to try all kinds of foods that you have never had before. Large, extravagant meals are lots of fun, but they can take their toll on your bodyóin turn taking their toll on your fitness routine. Try to keep your sugar and sodium intake as close as possible to what you usually have at home, and make sure you remember to get your protein in to feed your muscles.

7. Give Yourself a Break

This one applies less if you always travel (for work or other reasons), but heyóyouíre on vacation! Enjoy the sights, take in the local culture, and spend time appreciating the beauty that the world has to offer you in the moment, right where you are. Your routine will be waiting for you when you get home.