7 Golden Rules For Menís Health

No matter how old you may be, taking good care of your health should be of absolute importance. As a man, you have to fulfill several roles in your career and personal relationships. And, you can only perform these roles efficiently when you’re healthy.

Men and women alike need to go for regular checkups. Exercise and proper nutrition are indispensable universal needs. Men are also under a lot of stress, and with the stereotype (or perhaps a serious condition) of men being unable to show or express their emotions, you also have to take extra care of your mental health.

If youíre ready to create that positive change in your life today for a healthier you, read some of the golden rules for menís health below.

1. Wear Protective Gear

Staying healthy and well during the time of a pandemic always involves the need to wear protective gear. Whenever you expose yourself to hazardous work conditions or when you have to go to high-risk places, always wear a PPE or personal protective gear. If youíre a doctor, then mens scrubs are mandatory to keep you protected throughout your hospital shift. If youíre in the field of construction, this should include your helmet, for instance.

Safety should always come hand-in-hand with good health. Otherwise, staying healthy is impossible if youíre constantly exposing yourself to dangerous situations. No matter how healthy you may be, youíre still putting yourself at risk of contracting a disease or meeting an accident when you fail to take this precautionary measure.

2. Find A Doctor You Can Trust

One proactive measure to keeping your health in check is finding a doctor you can trust. This means looking for a doctor you can openly talk to about your symptoms, conditions, and overall health. This includes physical health issues, mental health problems, and even concerns relating to your sexual function and overall wellness.

When you have a doctor you can trust, you wonít feel so ashamed to talk about possible health problems you may have long been keeping to yourself. Plus, you can get the best medical advice on improving or completely solving that health issue immediately.

3. Have Regular Checkups

Now that you have a doctor you can trust, itís time for you to proceed with having regular checkups. Even if you think youíre well, this isnít enough reason for you to miss having regular checkups.

Typically, youíll want to undergo an overall health check at least once a year, regardless of your age. In doing so, should there be any underlying health concern your doctor may find, it’s detected at an early stage. It’s easier to manage, treat and recover from diseases when these are detected immediately.

4. Spend Time With Friends And Family

No man is an island, and men also need to have trusted people in their lives. This means that men also need the company of friends and family. After a long stressful week at work, allow yourself the opportunity to relax and have a good time.

Of course, this isnít an excuse for you to get drunk and indulge in alcoholism. Social drinking, once in a while, is acceptable. You just have to learn how to draw the line between whatís enough and whatís too much.

Most importantly, hanging out with friends and family doesnít always have to relate to drinking. There are still many things you can do like sharing a meal together, playing a sport, or other activities you and your friends might enjoy doing.

Social ties are important to keep a person happy. Otherwise, you might feel too suffocated when you only meet your colleagues daily for work or when you donít even have the time to go out and relax.

5. Exercise

Perhaps a universal tip that applies both to men and women is to exercise. Even when you think you arenít overweight, you still need to exercise.

Give yourself an hour or 30 minutes of exercise every day. If youíre a busy bee, it doesnít have to be a full workout at the gym. Even going for a run around your home or workplace is enough.

When you exercise, not only are you enhancing your physical health, but also your mental health. Youíre also allowing yourself to rid your mind of negative thoughts and other stressors.

In doing so, you end the day on a more positive note without piling up one stressful thought on top of another.

6. Consult Your Doctor

If thereís anything that doesnít feel right with your body, donít delay a doctor’s visit. Listen to what your body is telling you. For instance, when one of your moles enlarges or feels sore all of a sudden, you feel a lingering pain somewhere, or when youíre consistently tired and sick.

Donít be intimidated by the thought of a medical checkup. It helps determine some underlying conditions that may have been affecting your overall health. Also, it prevents overthinking and gives you peace of mind. Once the root cause of your condition is immediately addressed, then the faster your recovery will be.

7. Do Not Smoke

Lastly, donít smoke. Even when other men around you may have started with Ďcasualí smoking, donít get into the habit. Truth be told, thereís nothing good anyone will ever get out of smoking. Once you light that first cigarette butt, youíre setting yourself up on a destructive lifetime addiction.

Smoking can put you at increased risk of lung and throat cancer, among other deadly diseases.


Creating and supporting a family currently or in the future, itís no surprise that men are under a lot of pressure. Surely, itís normal to establish career and retirement plans for yourself and your family.

But, as you plan for a promising future, donít neglect your health. All of your financial and life goals are going to fail if your health suffers.

As you can see above, making yourself healthier doesn’t have to feel like a chore. It simply involves the willpower and discipline to be in a better state overall.