6 Tips to Double Your Workout Effectiveness

Workout Effectiveness

No one wants to spend hours in the gym or sweat it out profusely to shed some weight. However, we all crave for that lean, strong, and fit body to look amazingly good without having to work for it. Well, there might be no shortcut to success, but you can surely ramp up your results and get the maximum out of your efforts.

But first things first, make sure you consult an experienced fitness trainer to understand whether or not your workout regime is right for your body. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast but want things to work faster, check out these tips that help double up the effectiveness.

1- Mix It Up:

Instead of going with one single exercise for that 30 minutes workout session, try to mix things up to make your workout more interesting and fruitful. Try to focus on all your body muscles with a dedicated exercise routine for each.

Opt for exercise routines such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, bench presses, pushups, rows, military presses, pull-ups, dips, etc. Add a cardio session such as a brisk walk or quick run on the treadmill. But most of all, do not forget to start with a 10-minute long stretching or pre-workout session to ensure that your body doesnít strain hard from the intensive workout.

When starting out from an absolute zero, you might feel weak and particularly exhausted. You can try out the list of good pre-workouts currently on the market to achieve better focus, energy, as well as endurance at the gym.

2- Add Protein to Your Diet:

Ask any fitness trainer, and they will tell you how important protein is when trying to achieve a set fitness goal. Our aim isnít just to lose weight. You need to develop muscles as well to maintain that new and fit body for long.

Vegan sources of protein
Vegan sources of protein

Muscles help burn out your fat content faster as opposed to a lean body that might aim at storing the same, especially in places that you wouldnít like the fat to be such as stomach, face, or legs. The presence of protein in your body allows it to rebuild the required muscle density.

If you fail to do so, your workout might not be as effective as you aim for. Most fitness experts recommend the consumption of protein-rich food items such as eggs or lean mean. Alternatively, you could also get your hands on soy, or whey protein shakes available with reputed fitness product sellers.

3- Start Slow:

It is a general tendency of people dealing with weight issues to achieve things in the shortest possible time frame. While you might get some quick results to show for in the mirror, these changes might only be temporary. Going too fast, too soon, can tire out your body, and you might want to give up on your fitness goals.

The right move is to start slow and gradually up your game. Start with a short 10-15 minute workout session comprised of stretching and light cardio. Go for high-intensity workout sessions for short time frames. Your goal should be a 30 to 40 minutes workout daily as your body gets accustomed to all these physical changes.

4- Amp Up Your Water Intake:

Staying hydrated is very important when it comes to achieving a fit body. Remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. It might sound obvious, but it is easy to fall back on your hydrating needs, especially if you have too much on your plate.

It might be surprising for you to know that most of us do not drink the recommended healthy amount of water to keep our body in its best condition. It obviously leads to fatigue, dehydration issues, weight gain, and what not!

If you find it hard to chug that glass of water every now and then, you could set up a reminder on your smartphone that would help you keep up your schedule and drink water without fail. In case drinking that plain old water is a bit too boring for your taste buds, you can also add some flavor to the same. Instead of adding artificial flavoring agents, you can add lemon wedges, orange slices, or watermelon chunks to make your drink interesting.

5- Partner Up:

We all need someone to motivate us and be with us as we push ourselves through that intensive exercise session. After all, we are humans, and we need someone to stand by us through our journey to achieve something substantial.

Workout partners and friends
Workout partners and friends

For this, you can ask a friend of yours to be your gym partner. It could also be a fun and super-productive session if you join in with your spouse or someone who motivates you through the ups and downs. In case you cannot find someone interested to share your fitness journey, there is always the possibility to work out with a fitness trainer that understands your ups & downs while motivating you at the same time.

6- Rest:

Regular exercise and a well-planned fitness regime is something that every individual should incorporate into their daily lifestyle. However, stressing your body throughout the day minus the resting session could lead to disastrous health ailments. Plus, you wouldnít see a big change in your fitness journey when your body hasnít had time to heal.

After a quick workout session, try to get a quick power nap of 30 minutes or so. Apart from this, you need to ensure that you grab a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily to avoid issues such as stress, fatigue, or extended sessions of tiredness.


Remember that achieving your fitness goal isnít a one-size-fits-all model. Each body is different on its own. You need to deal with the same professionally with the help of a well-trained fitness expert or personal trainer.

Incorporating these tips into your fitness regime will ensure that you get results faster with maximum effectiveness. Make sure you research what works for you and what doesnít. Not every workout is designed for all body types. Always seek help from your local professional fitness guide to understanding which exercise-type will provide you the maximum results without adding strain to your body.