5 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of CBD

Benefits of CBD

Image Credits: Pixabay

CBD has risen to prominence as the preferred natural remedy among millennials, typically employed to sustain overall body balance and homeostasis. However, it’s important to note that CBD’s experience can differ from one individual to another. A variety of elements contribute to the outcomes (if any) of a dosage of CBD oil. There are numerous methods to amplify the benefits of CBD. Let’s examine a few of these approaches.

Ensure Proper Daily Dosage of CBD Oil

For the endocannabinoid system to work optimally, it requires a consistent presence of cannabinoids such as 2AG and anandamide. If these innate cannabinoids are deficient or exhausted, preventing the body from maintaining homeostasis, the intake of CBD oil can strengthen the system.

To attain this effectively, consume an appropriate quantity of CBD oil daily. Often, individuals resort to CBD for a specific ailment, only to realize that it enhances other aspects of their health as well. Your endocannabinoid system runs through your whole body, extending to cellular and subcellular levels. CBD acts as a comprehensive body compound. As you commence your CBD journey, be conscious of all bodily changes. Don’t be startled if you notice multiple benefits from your regular dosage.

Boost Your Diet With More Fatty Acids

Taking CBD orally is among the simplest and most common methods to receive your daily intake of this beneficial compound. If you’re aiming to optimize the health advantages of CBD, buy Delta 8 gummies and consume it along with fatty acids. These can be found in a variety of foods such as:

  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Avocados

Upon oral consumption, CBD navigates through your digestive system and arrives at your liver. Here, it undergoes a process of breakdown, which, unfortunately significantly diminishes its potency. However, the presence of fatty acids when consuming CBD can mitigate this reduction in strength. Acting as a binding agent for the cannabinoids in your CBD, fatty acids not only maintain their potency during their journey through your body, but also enhance absorption rates.

Utilize Creams or Lotions

It’s a common misconception that creams and lotions are only for treating skin conditions or joint discomfort. However, this mode of application can be quite discreet and handy when necessary. Several women vouch for the skin-enhancing properties of CBD, while others use it to soothe symptoms of eczema or mitigate arthritis-related joint pain. Regardless of whether there’s a direct link to a skin condition, the skin will effectively absorb CBD oil.

Combine some CBD oil with coconut oil to create a revitalizing makeup remover, or add it to your preferred hand and nail cream for daytime use. The CBD oil can also be mixed into lip balms or a shea butter body moisturizer for full-body hydration.

Discover the Optimal Delivery Method

Selecting an appropriate delivery method is crucial as well. Some methods provide rapid effects, but they don’t last long, while others might be slower but have a longer-lasting impact. For instance, consuming CBD through eating or taking CBD capsules orally is considered optimal, despite offering lower bioavailability. If you choose a CBD tincture, you can expect faster results as the dose enters the bloodstream within minutes. Tinctures also provide the highest level of bioavailability for CBD oil.

Get Your MMJ Card

For those residing in the 41 states where recreational marijuana isn’t legal, it could be worthwhile to explore obtaining a medical marijuana card. This would enable access to lawful, licensed dispensaries.

Presently, 31 states have sanctioned medical marijuana programs, and with a valid MMJ card, you can avail CBD cannabis oils that have greater CBD-to-THC ratios. Most experts commonly agree that these products derived from marijuana are highly effective compared to hemp-based CBD products, which essentially contain undetectable levels of THC.


Numerous methods exist to enhance the effectiveness and absorption rate of CBD in your body. The key to achieving optimal results lies in consistently using your chosen CBD oil product and dosage. If you have any persistent health problems, it’s advisable to seek advice from your healthcare professional before starting a CBD oil regimen.