5 Tips To Buying the Best Smart Scale

legs of a young woman measuring her weight on a modern smart scales

One thing you will require as you keep fit is measurement. You will need to measure your BMI, body fat percentage, bone mass, heart rate, weight and other measurements essential in fitness.

How do you ensure you buy the best smart scale that will give you a variety of accurate measurements? Here are tips for buying the best smart scale.


A quick online search can give several smart scale options. However, you need to do and check the reviews from previous customers about the scale. Find out their performance, quality, customer service and complaints. This way, you will not be duped to buying a low-quality scale that will not meet your needs.

Check the Specs

Smart scales come with different specs. When buying, choose the smart scales with the best specs based on your needs. Find out how many health metrics it can support. Is it compatible with your smartphone? Does it have a specialized app, or it can sync with other fitness apps? How many users does it support? Does it connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? What is its level of accuracy? What is its maximum weight capacity?

For example, the FitTrack smart scale from getfittrack.com/products/fittrack-smart-body-bmi-scale can measure up to 17 health metrics.  It has an accuracy of +/-3%. It has an integrated app for iOS and Android devices, and it syncs with Google health, apple health and other fitness apps while it is also suitable for all body types. The scale includes athletes and infant modes, which makes it ideal for all users.

The whole family can use it as it supports up to 8 users and has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

You may need or not need all these specs. Therefore buy the smart scale that has specs that you need. For example, you may find one that connects using only Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, that doesnít take many health metrics and connects with fewer users, but within your budget. As long as it has features to meet your needs, you can go for it.

Your Budget

Buy the best smart scale based on your budget. In most cases, a higher the price means more of the features. If your pocket allows, go for the smart scale that has all the features you need.  A high-end smart scale can cost as high as $500 and as low as $20. A more expensive one will track more metrics, more users and advanced features.

Compare prices

Expensive is not always the best. Once you compile a list of the smart scales with your desired qualities, compare their prices.

Donít choose the most expensive thinking it is the best. Compare their features and performance and get the best.


The best way to know if the scale is working correctly is to test it. As such, you may prefer to buy the scale from the shop so that you can test it. If it is not possible to buy from a shop and you are buying online, ensure you check online reviews to find out other users are saying about it.