5 Simple Ways to Destress

Mature businessman in a city.

In what seems like a consistently fast-paced society, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Whether youíre just coming out of a work meeting, class presentation, or high-stakes social situation, you may need to unwind. Check out these five simple ways to de-stress.

1) Go for a Long Car Ride

If you need to de-stress, consider going for a long car ride. You can adjust your mini road trip to work best with your current mood and personal preferences. Bring a friend along or ride solo. Have a destination in mind or drive aimlessly. Put on your favorite music or podcast or even just sit in silence. No matter the specifics of your long car ride, you will get the chance to unwind and escape the stresses of 

2) Take a Power Nap

According to Verywell Mind, we tend to feel most tired around 8 hours after we wake up. Taking a short 20-minute power nap is a great way to recharge yourself and reduce the stress of a long workday. Upon waking up, you will feel energized and de-stressed, so youíll be free to engage in activities you enjoy, which can lead to a further reduction in stress levels!

3) Try CBD Products

CBD products have been known to reduce anxiety in public speaking settings and other social circumstances. They can also help you unwind following these types of high-stress situations. You can consume CBD via edibles, capsules, and vaporizers. If you opt for a vaporizer, be sure to get one from a website like mynextvape.com.au that sells reputable brands like Dr Dabber and Storz & Bickel. 

4) Stabilize Yourself by Honing in On One Sense

Stress stems from feelings of being overwhelmed or having too many demands to fulfil. Because of stressís origins, one way to reduce it is by practicing mindfulness. One way to practice is being in the moment is by stabilizing yourself in your surroundings. Hone in any one of your five primary senses. Here are some ways you can do that with each of your senses:

?      Sight: Admire a beautiful sunset or piece of artwork and analyze the colors that are present.

?      Sound: Listen to a classical piece of music and dissect the notes being played.

?      Touch: Go through your closet and feel all of the satin, cotton, wool, and polyester items you have for a heightened sensory experience. 

?      Taste: Indulge in a meal and consciously take note of all of the savory and sweet flavors. 

?      Smell: Calm yourself by appreciating the scent of essential oils or candles around your home. 

5) Go for a Run

Following a stressful event, try going for a run. By running, youíll be rewarded with a refreshing change of scenery and productive exercise. The physical act of running allows you to hyperfocus on your bodyís movements, which will enable you to forget the stresses of your everyday life. Running is also well-known for its ability to reduce stress, as the process releases endorphins, which are your mindís feel-good neurotransmitters.

If you donít have the energy to go for a run, try going for a walk, or sit out in the sun and moderately absorb some UV rays. UV rays are known to stimulate epidermal cells. These epidermal cells produce something known as beta-endorphins, whose primary function is to reduce stress. 

De-stress How You Feel Comfortable

The next time you feel stressed out, try out one or more of these ways to unwind. Some of these tips arenít for everyone, so adapt them as necessary and forgo any of them that you feel wonít work for you.