5 Best Teeth Whitening Solutions Without Harsh Chemicals: Great for Sensitive Teeth

Teeth Whitening

Were you ever hesitant to use a teeth whitening product because you have sensitive teeth? Fear not, you are not alone. Luckily, there are a number of different products on the whitening market today that are catered towards those with sensitive teeth. While many products claim to be great for sensitive teeth, we try out a range of different products to test these claims.

You may wonder if teeth whitening kits for sensitive teeth are actually effective. There are actually a number of natural ingredients that have whitening properties. Whitening formulas with these natural ingredients are great for those with sensitive teeth. You can also rest assured that these natural products are safe for you and your teeth. To help you choose the best whitening solution for you, we test and review some of the best products on the market and list our favorites. 

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth can be a pain whether you are trying to eat or whiten your teeth. Sadly, there are many factors that can cause sensitive teeth. However, there are also numerous ways that you can reduce tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity is pain that occurs as a result of a trigger. It can be triggered by many things such as extreme temperatures in the air, or in your food and drinks. It can also be caused by acidic solutions such as alcohol, or high levels of alcohol in mouthwashes. It can also be caused by physical factors such as hard brushing or flossing. 

For some people, tooth sensitivity only lasts a couple of minutes, and for some people, it can last much longer. It is a result of thin tooth enamel. The truth is, some people are born with a thinner outer layer. Thinning of tooth enamel can also be caused by some habits such as grinding your teeth, eating acidic or sugary goods, or brushing too hard. 

Tips for Those with Sensitive Teeth

For those looking for a whitening solution with sensitive teeth, it can be a bit tricky. While you may want to try out a bunch of different products that are available, trying out the wrong products can do more damage. Here are some tips to help you find an effective whitening solution even with sensitive teeth. 

  1. Consult a professional– If you are looking for an at-home solution, it may be helpful to consult your dentist first. Many teeth whitening products can cause sensitivity, especially over time. Your dentist has a better understanding of your teeth, so they may be able to provide you with a better solution or product. Especially if you have other dental problems, it is safer to talk to your dentist first. 
  1. Check the ingredients– For whitening products, many of the active ingredients include bleaching products or ones with natural whitening properties. These are naturally more acidic, which in high concentrations can cause serious pain for those with sensitive nerves. If you have sensitive teeth stay away from whitening solutions with chemicals. Although they may be effective, it is not worth the pain and sensitivity. For sensitive teeth, we recommend a gentler formula that uses natural ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, activated charcoal, or even coconut oil. 
  1. Shorten the application time– Products catered for sensitive teeth usually have a shorter application time. This means that the ingredients that cause sensitivity are exposed to your teeth for a shorter amount of time. This can help reduce sensitivity and further damage to your tooth enamel. If you choose a product that is not catered for sensitive teeth, we recommend shortening the application time to help reduce sensitivity. 
  1. Avoid the gum area– Sensitivity can also come from exposure to the gums. Since many of the whitening kits contain bleaching agents or bleaching properties, sensitive gums can start to burn. Although tooth sensitivity comes from thin tooth enamel, it can also be caused by irritation of the gums. When applying the product, try to stay away from the gum area. 
  1. Buy tooth-sensitive products-While some may be a gimmick, quality products made for sensitive teeth are much gentler. This may be due to more natural ingredients or the addition of ingredients that help to reduce tooth sensitivity. Buying a product that is made for sensitive teeth means fewer tweaks that you have to make. It also ensures that you won’t further damage your tooth enamel. 
  1. Take breaks– Although you may want to diligently whiten your teeth (some sensitive products allow you to), we recommend giving your teeth a break in between sessions. Whitening products are naturally a bit harsher on your teeth, so giving them a break helps to restore enamel and reduce sensitivity.

What to Look for in a Whitening Solution for Sensitive Teeth

  1. Safe Ingredients– While anything you put in your mouth should be safe, it is even more important for those with sensitive teeth. Harsh chemicals and ingredients can further damage your tooth enamel, leading to bigger problems. 
  1. Convenience– Even those of us with sensitive teeth deserve a product that is easy to use. Some strips and other products can get messy, and other kits have steps that are hard to understand and follow. Be sure that the solution you decide to get is quick and convenient. Or else, you might as well just make that appointment for the dentist. Luckily, there are great options on the market that are convenient to use.
  1. Continued Use– For sensitive teeth, an important factor is the product’s ability to be used continually. For some, one treatment won’t cause any tooth sensitivity, but continued use can definitely erode the teeth’ enamel. 

Top 5 Products for Whitening Sensitive Teeth

Whether you are looking for a kit, oral hygiene products, or a quick solution to whiter teeth, there are great products for sensitive teeth. We have tested everything from whitening strips to luxury kits and review our top 5 picks to help you narrow down your choices. 

Best Overall for Sensitive Teeth: Dr.Brite Advanced Wireless Whitening Kit

Dr. Brite’s Advanced kit is designed for those with sensitive teeth. All of their products contain no chemicals and use all-natural ingredients to organically white teeth. This kit is perfect for those with sensitive teeth because you can see results in just one session. You can also use the kit daily without sacrificing your enamel. 

The formula is developed by an American dentist, so you can rest assured that your teeth are in good hands. The kit comes with two whitening pens, an overnight Brite Booster Pen, the Dual LED Light, and a manual with easy steps to follow. Another great feature of this kit is that it is safe to use even with braces, crowns, caps, veneers, and bridges. 

Those that have had dental work done know that it causes increased tooth sensitivity. Thankfully, this kit is extremely effective with its food-grade hydrogen peroxide formula, but gently enough for those with sensitive teeth. This is a great all-around product that gets the job done at an affordable price. 

Best Toothpaste: Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste can also help to whiten teeth over time. This Sensodyne toothpaste is designed specifically for those with sensitive teeth. Although not a quick solution to whiter teeth, this product helps to keep up oral hygiene and whiten over time and use. The toothpaste features potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride for a gentle formula to whiten teeth and calm the nerves that cause sensitive teeth. For those looking for an everyday product to use, the Sensodyne toothpaste is a great solution.  

Best Whitening Pen: Dr. Brite Sensitivity Relief Oral Pen

This is another top-selling Dr. Brite product that is catered towards those with sensitive teeth. The pen features natural ingredients that also soothe your teeth. The main ingredients include aloe vera juice, coconut oil, and chamomile extract. The coconut oil works to remove bacteria and naturally whiten teeth, while the soothing ingredients help to eliminate sensitivity. The pen is quick and easy to use. While it may not be the most effective whitening product, it is great for those with sensitive teeth that are also hesitant to use bleaching products. 

Best Natural Kit: Oral Essentials Lumineux Whitening Kit

For those that do not want to use any bleaching products, this Lumineux kit is all-natural and does not contain any hydrogen peroxide. The product features a mix of coconut oil, sage oil, lemon peel oil, and other soothing ingredients. Coconut oil is used commonly as a DIY kit as it naturally removes bacteria and can cause plaque and tartar buildup. This is a safe formula, however, it may not be as effective in whitening as the Dr. Brite kit that contains food-grade hydrogen peroxide. 

Best Luxury Kit: GLO Science Teeth Whitening Device

If you are looking to treat yourself, this GLO Science kit pampers your teeth. It is a slightly more pricey option but is effective in whitening your teeth. The kit comes with a whitening mouthpiece, 10 Whitening gel vials, lip care, and a travel and storage case. The product contains a 6% hydrogen peroxide formula which is gentle enough for those with sensitive teeth. This is a great all-around kit, however, some may find that the price is not within their budget. 

Final Thoughts

Sensitive teeth can be incredibly irritating, but it does not have to mean yellow teeth as well. Although most teeth whitening products contain bleaching elements that may be irritating. There are many products made specifically for sensitive teeth. The Dr. Brite Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is formulated with all-natural ingredients that are safe to use even for sensitive teeth. There is no need to sacrifice tooth sensitivity for whiter teeth any longer.