4 Ways of Bringing the Gym Home

Bringing the Gym Home

Its been more than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic; were leading lives with precautions and masks that have fully integrated into our new normal. The pandemic also forced the fitness industry to close its doors to members who made going to the gym a routine.

Even though the lockdown has started to lift in several countries due to vaccinations gaining traction, mingling with others still poses risks. So if you cant go to the gym, there are some alternatives for bringing the gym home with you.  

  1. Create a Workout Space At Home

The idea of home gyms is not new. The pandemic pushed people to purchase and install gym equipment in their houses. Creating a home gym doesnt involve spending thousands of dollars on world-class equipment. It could be as simple as getting some elastic bands, few dumbbells, a bench, and a bar.

Depending on ones exercise regime and fitness goals, a kettle ball could be more than enough for someone who has a workout designed around it. If you wish to educate yourself further on health and fitness, it is recommended to complete a general studies bachelor degree online to step up your fitness game.

Of course, those used to exercising on modern machinery at their local gym will not fully replicate their workouts at home. However, finding alternate exercises that target similar muscle groups without involving a lot of equipment can easily be found with a mere Google search. For the dedicated ones out there, a spare bedroom, garage, basement, driveway, or even a corner in the living room would be more than enough space for hitting their fitness goals.

  • Add Equipment as You Go Along

Assuming one decides to set a budget aside for adding gym equipment to their home, buying fancy equipment upfront isnt a smart move, especially if one is short of space inside their house. Start small and see how it goes. Prioritize equipment that offers multiple exercise options instead of going for equipment that only provides a single movement.

A squat rack, a bench, or a chin-up rod are great examples of installable equipment at a house or an apartment; just three small pieces of equipment could offer several movement options to target the entire body. Once the equipment and routine are in place, it makes more sense to spend a little extra on purchasing heavier weights.

  • Switch To Online Training

Not everyone is a muscle-freak after all. Some prefer sharing fitness goals with a group of people. These groups can perform low-intensity workouts (such as yoga) or high-intensity workouts (such as Zumba). If you took fitness classes but are stuck at home due to the pandemic, it is time to go digital in fitness. Due to the pandemic, fitness coaches and instructors have already started giving classes online.

A simple web search will reveal several fitness coaches offering online classes on Zoom or other screen-sharing platforms. Being locked up inside your house might not be ideal, but the internet has made things much more manageable. Its time to get back in shape together with your fitness buddies through a video conference led by your instructor.

  • Step Outside for Cardio

Being able to burn off your caloric goal on a treadmill is a rewarding feeling. However, if there is no treadmill in your house and the gyms are closed, you can give your body a chance to breathe fresh air by going outdoors for a run. Your mind and body will both be thankful to you.

Running itself is a potent activity that offers a lot of benefits for the mind and body. Running helps build stamina and keeps a persons weight in check. However, it also helps release dopamine inside the brain that makes a person feel elated.

If youre a dog owner, this can be an excellent way for you to spend time with your pet while keeping yourself fit. Finding a running partner can also be helpful for additional motivation. Wear a mask when stepping outside and keep social distancing rules in mind.

Also, pick off-peak hours to reduce the chances of coming into contact with other people. Sometimes, a solo run in the park can be precisely what you need to take your mind away from the pandemic.

Final Words

If the current circumstances are not allowing you to partake in your favorite form of physical activity, it is ok to feel a little frustrated. Instead of beating yourself up over lockdowns, it is better to experiment with new and different forms of exercise regimes.

There are chances you may stumble across something new which you find motivating and exciting. While every day may seem repetitive, adding new workouts and finding new ways to exercise can help maintain your interest levels. The bottom line is to achieve a healthier body and mind.