4 Things To Know About The Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer Kit

Vaporizer Kit

E-cigarettes have grown rampantly in the past years, with more people turning to them for different reasons. Some people may take it in place of normal cigarettes to help quit smoking, but more people are taking it to boost their social images.

Whether people choose to use the vaporizer pen, getting the highest quality is key to enjoying it. When choosing a vaporizer, you may need to consider some factors, including the cost, flavor choices, if it can be used indoors, how safe it is, and a favorable odor.

If you’re looking for a premium vaporizer pen, then Dr. Dabber Stella is one of the best. This vaporizer pen has taken cues from its award-winning predecessor, the Aurora, which features great upgrades and enhancements.

If you’re new to the vaporizer pen, you may get overwhelmed trying to figure out what’s best for you. To help in making a choice, this article has explained the things to know about Dr. Dabber Stella vaporizer.

Improved Exterior Features

The Dr. Dabber Stella vaporizer comes with a new look that’s a more modernized aesthetic that’s futuristic. In addition, it features a new mouthpiece made of borosilicate glass that’s well-contoured for optimal ergonomics.

This feature lets you enjoy a smooth and cool experience, thus offering a window to your vapor path. In addition, you get a premium adapter that easily fits on the vaporizer, making it airtight.

These improved features also make removing and cleaning easier than the previous ones. Since cleaning is made easy, you can easily manage your vaporizer and make it last longer.

CBD/THC vape pen on white background.

Battery Performance

One of the vital factors in vaporizer pens is the battery’s longevity and how long it lasts before going off. And Stella has improved battery life and has temperature coefficient resistance, a heating element.

The TCR equipped in Stella allows the voltage to adjust based on the desired temperature instead of other products that output a constant voltage. The advantage of controlled temperatures is that it helps avoid dry or burnt heat that may destroy the vaping pen in the long run.

In addition, controlled temperatures help preserve the coil and wick life, making it long-lasting. It also extends the wick life, battery life, and vape consistency, improving its performance.

Another amazing feature that puts Stella in front of every other vaping pen is the pass-through charging. This feature allows one to use their vape and charge it simultaneously, making it very efficient, reliable, and equipped with an extended battery capacity.

Heating Settings

You may need great heating settings for your vape pen for a more pleasant experience where you get more flavor and less waste. Luckily, the Dr. Dabber Stella vaporizer has three heat settings, including a preheat setting that’s an added feature.

The heat range on this product is between 460-775 degrees Fahrenheit, thus offering the needed heat choice. In addition, you can easily operate the vaporizer pen by using a touch of the button to maneuver between different heat settings.

The heat settings allow your vape pen to perform exceptionally with different oils, CBD, etc. It’s also equipped with an airflow functionality that resembles a vortex that optimizes the flavor and increases vapor production.

And for optimized performance, the pen has a floating chamber that reduces the heat transfer through the user’s hands and focuses the heat on the vaporization chamber. All these improved heat settings have made Stella perform better and produce less waste than its predecessor and most products on the market.

Come With A Warranty

A warranty is vital when getting any electronic product, and a vape pen isn’t different. With Stella, you’re guaranteed a warranty that’ll last for a whole year and cover different aspects related to the pen.

This warranty covers any damage inflicted on the vape accidentally before the end of one year. In some instances, the warranty may not be able to cover any wear and tear that can happen due to frequent use.

Bottom Line

 Dr. Dabber Stella’s Vaporizer kit is an amazing product with improved features to enhance user experience. This vape has improved exterior features that offer a sleek futuristic design and a well-contoured mouthpiece for optimal ergonomics.

In addition, its battery performance has been enhanced with a new feature that allows you to charge it and use it simultaneously. Combining these features with the enhanced heating settings leaves the user with minimal waste.

And considering it comes with a warranty, this vape may be the best product in the market for all vapors. It’s key to mention that Stella is an improved version of its predecessor, making it worth all the hype.