4 Hand Massage: The Ultimate Tantric Indulgence

A spectacular 4 hand massage involves the expertise of two stunning massage girls who use the delicate touch of tantra to stimulate your mind and body. Double the pleasure means this treatment is truly a breath-taking experience. Whether you require deep relaxation or simply want to bring some fun into your life, a 4 hand massage may be the treat you’ve always dreamed of. So, why are 4 hands better than 2? Discover everything you need to know about four handed massage.

What is the difference between a 2 hand and a 4 hand massage?

A wonderful 4 hand massage uses the experience of 2 professional masseuses who use their hands all over the body in a mirrored manner. For example, if one masseuse works on your right shoulder, the other girl will work on your left. Using four hands helps you to reach a blissful state as the hands work up and down the body to soothe your muscles and help you unwind. Light and gentle strokes are used in combination with hard tugs to take you to the edge of heightened stimulation and back again. Feel the magical sensations running through your entire body as this form of tantric massage builds up into a happy ending. With four hands, you won’t be able to predict which movements are ahead, making this delicious treatment an enjoyable ride.

What are the benefits of 4 hand massage?

4 handed massage utilise the many benefits that traditional tantric massage provides and includes unbelievable array of benefits for both the body and mind:

Relieves muscle pain

4 hand massage is great for soothing your muscles to eliminate stiffness or pain. With 4 handed massage, you receive double the benefits of a regular massage, meaning you get two full body massages in one. As your blood circulation is boosted, your muscles will relax, helping you to fully unwind into a deep state of relaxation.

Alleviates stress

An exhilarating 4 hand massage treatment is perfect for alleviating the stress in your life. We all know that the strain of day to day life can leave you feeling drained and unhappy. However, with regular 4 handed treatments, you’ll reach a state of erotic release which will leave you energised and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. This will aid a better night’s sleep to provide you with a better sense of focus and motivation.

Alleviates anxiety and depression

Participating in 4 handed massage helps to boost your endorphins, helping to alleviate depression and anxiety. If you’ve been searching for a way to increase your happiness levels, whether you’re single or in a relationship, this form of erotic massage can help. Both massage girls work together to put you at complete ease so you’ll be able to lay back and enjoy this sumptuous treatment. 

A great alternative to a threesome

An erotic 4 handed massage is a wonderful alternative to a threesome. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a stimulating experience with two females, a 4 handed massage gives you the same skin on skin contact. This safe and discreet treatment will take you to the edge of orgasm and back again before you explode in the delight of a happy ending. Unlike a threesome, which could prove an awkward experience if you need to ask a stranger or two friends, a professional 4 hand massage is a thrilling, three way interaction that provides the perfect balance of sexuality and sensuality.

Improves premature ejaculation

4 hand massage helps to balance the mind and body with the sensual touch of two skilled masseuses. You’ll be thoroughly aroused during this pampering treatment. This erotic massage uses tantra to prevent premature ejaculation by taking you to the edge of bliss and back again. This balance of sexual energy gradually climaxes for a final explosion of desire.

Increases your confidence in the bedroom

4 handed massage is highly beneficial for boosting your confidence in the bedroom. If you’re lacking in body confidence or are wanting to improve your passion as a lover, an intoxicating 4 hand treatment helps to sexually stimulate you to boost your libido and make you feel good about yourself.

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