4 Best Stroller Tips for Moms to Fit Running into Their Lives

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The early days of running with your baby in the stroller will be memories that you will one day truly cherish. So make sure that you are taking into considerations the proper steps to get your running relationship together off on the right foot! According to Movingbabies, It all starts with choosing the correct stroller.

Be A Fit Mom Today With These Five Easy Steps to Fit Running Into Your Life

What could be fun than sharing your love of running with the little love of your life? I know you to might be wondering how soon until you can take your brand new running partner out for a stroller ride. However before you two go out, there are four essential tips you need to keep in mind:

#01.  Ensure You And the Baby Are Ready For the Run

You might be ready to go out and enjoy the cool breeze, but is your baby ready too?

Age is one of the main factors you should consider before you put your baby in a stroller and run with him or her. Technically, 6-8 months old is a rule of thumb before you head on to put your baby in a stroller and run with him or her. It is at this age that babies typically have no head control and neck strength to prevent their little heads from bouncing all around with the bumps that are as a result of riding in a jogging stroller.

Other factors you can look into are car seat adaptors and head support pillows. They are vital in making your baby comfortable as you run. Even as you consider all this, however, you need to remember that you have to check with your pediatrician first so that she/he can determine if your baby is ready for a stroller ride.

#02.  Invest In A Functional Stroller

The traditional four-wheel strollers are not for running. In fact, you should not even attempt to head out to the road with them.  Instead, invest in a brand new stroller which is entirely for running, like a single or double jogging stroller if you have twins.

It is also essential to read instructions on how to use the stroller and note that you MUST never run without having the front wheel locked. Front wheels are better and flexible at turnings, but if you come into contact with one pothole, it can cause the stroller to roll and result in some severe injuries.

You should also ensure that you can maintain your stroller and check the tire pressure, tighten loose screws and replace any broken or worn out parts for a perfect run.

If you, however, need a break from running due to an incurred injury, an excellent way to get out the house is to pop your child in a functional bike trailer and go for a ride to the park.

#03. Keep in Mind that Stroller Techniques Are Not the Same

Pushing all these extra weights in front of you may make you feel like a tortoise (slow). However, you should not let your slow pace bring you down; instead, think of it as resistance training that will make you stronger and within no time, able to move faster.

You should also avoid leaning on the tandem as much as possible. Remain tall and make sure you hold your core tight, to deter tension building in your neck, shoulders, and arms. You must also remember to switch up your arms as you push the stroller. By doing so, you will have a pleasant and stress-free time getting your body back and enjoying the scenery with your new bundle of joy.

#04. Consider the Safety Measures Put in Place When Going Out For Jogging

You might have in the past had some jogging sessions alone, and you did not have any overrated safety measure to look out, maybe just a stray log that could make you tumble. However, now, you need to triple your safety antennas, tips, and techniques, since you will be carrying with you your world’s most precious cargo.

Know the paths you are passing through and check the weather.  Weather conditions can massively affect your jogging and fitness routine, keeping in mind that when you are hot and sweaty, the baby is not only seating but is also being affected by the harsh weather elements like wind, sun, rain, among others.

The terrain can also have a significant impact on both you and your child while jogging with a stroller. You can easily avoid that pothole when you are alone, but you now have to navigate through it with a bulky stroller and the love of your life. So, you need to be extra careful.

It would be a wonderful feeling when your children learn the importance of health and fitness as well as showing them that when you put in hard work and dedication, rewards await.

With that said, having these four key points will assist you as a new mom. If you cannot wait to go back out there to start or continue making your life better and creating a favorable environment for you and your child, then you should consider these tips. Take charge and build a healthy, energetic, and a happy family with them. You might be surprised to see this habit carry on for generations.

So, get the perfect stroller for jogging today and keep yourself fit and healthy!